Gunbuster T shirt

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To give a serious response to a frivolous question - No. Entrapment only applies to LEOs.

OTOH, you might be guilty of hunting over a baited field and find yourself fined by the Wildlife Resources Game Warden. That would result in forfeiture of your "trophy", vehicle, weapons in the vehicle as well as the weapons used in the hunt. :neener:
Speaking of T-shirts:

What if you were in a state where concealed was mandatory like Texas or Florida (I'm in Missouri where exposure is not a crime) and you wore a T-shirt with the phrase:


with an arrow pointing at your hip.

What would happen? Technically, if it is fully covered, your firearm is concealed. Nobody could see it. It couldn't be visually verified that you actually had a firearm. If the police stopped you, they'd have to check. They wouldn't have to if they could see it, therefore, it must be concealed if they had to check you, right?

So, wouldn't you still be legal?
I have a t-shirt like this one. I generally only wear it when I'm carrying IWB or openly.:D

I don't have any special t-shirts for when I'm actually pocket-carrying...

I'd imagine you'd still be legal. T-shirts like that are nothing more than novelty items.

Kind of like the t-shirt in Happy Gilmore:

"Guns don't kill people. I kill people."

I don't think they'd consider him a murder suspect.
...funny shirt though ;)
It was entirely a hypothetical. I seldom wear T-shirts in the first place - but as I was drifting off to sleep last night the idea came to me.

I think it suggested itself to me as I remembered the poster showing two doors - one with a gunbuster sign on it; the other with a target full of bullet holes on it, and the caption: Which One Gets Buglarized or some-such.
Quoheleth said:
Why borrow trouble?

Really? You suppose the OP's question was about causing a stir among the people? I'd say some of us take ourselves (and sometimes others) WAy too seriously.

To the OP: I always wanted to get a Texas Vanity Plate that says IMARMED so I wouldn't have to declare to the officer ... teehee
Wouldn't you be in a gun-free zone, and thus guilty of criminal trespass in your own clothes?

I think you would be fine, since you are the owner, but if someone else carrying a concealed weapon tried to climb inside your clothing with you, that would make for a sticky situation.
The Florida example might be stretched into the definition of improper exhibition or brandishing.

There's case law here supporting the brandishing. Basically an inappropriate advertisement of carry can be considered brandishing. Wearing a Glock or S&W shirt ddoesn't mean you could be carrying, but outright saying you're carrying whether in clothing declaration or verbal declaration could be seen as one and the same.
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