guns you've fired in your lifetime

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May 15, 2011
Lake Wylie, South Carolina
I know many of you own more than I've had a chance to shoot but here goes

In no particular order:
Rossi .22lr and .410ga
Ruger MkIII
Remington 700 .30-06 & .270
Remington 870
Remington 1187
Keltec p40
Taurus .22lr revolver
Bushmaster Carbine
Beretta 92
Glock 23
Springfield Armory M1911
Arsenal SAM 7
Burst fire M16A2
Winchester Model 70 .300 Win & 7mm Rem Mag
Savage 110 .300 Win
Marlin 336
Marlin model 60
Remington 742 .30-06
Mosin-Nagant 91/30 and M44
Norinco SKS
M1 Garand
Lee Enfield MkIII
Springfield M1903A3
Ruger SR22
Browning hi-power
CVA Wolf Muzzle loader
Ruger Gunsite
Saiga rifle 7.62
Hi Point .380
Old Remington single shot .22
Remington Over/under 12ga
Mossberg 535

And there's probably a few I've forgotten...
A lot but not as many as some. I've probably shot more than 50 different .22s.

Honestly, I'm not going to try to remember them all to compile a list.
The two worst kickers I've fired have been an older Winchester in .348 and a 12 gauge slug gun. Both recoiled heavily taking all the fun out of shooting.

At one time, I owned at least one (sometimes several) firearm from every country that participated in WWII. Long, long list there. Plus an M1 carbine from each manufacturer during WWII, and almost had two of each, plus some spares. Over a dozen M1 rifles. But when the collection was occupying 4 gun safes AND my walk-in closet could no longer be walked into, my wife helped me "see the light".
Now, I'm down to one or two each of my favorite shooters. The only gun I've ever wanted to shoot, and haven't yet, is a full-auto. I could rent one at Palmetto State Armory, but just haven't done it yet.
I've shot a lot of the same common rifles and handguns as everyone else but the most impressive were,
M-60 machinegun
M-2 50 cal. machinegun
90 mm tank round
45 cal. grease gun, all while in the U. S. of A. Army
Won't bother with the everyday stuff like Glocks or 1911's, but some of the more fun or interesting guns I've shot include:
MK19, M2, M249 SAW, M240 B, AT4, and a MP5
Like some others, there have been too many to try to even think about making a list. For me one gun that was a lot of fun to shoot was a Desert Eagle .44 Magnum. On the other end of the spectrum the one gun that had the least amount of enjoyment to use was an Astra Model 600. Plenty of good times with my Ruger 10/22, Colt AR15, and with every single action revolver and 1911 I have ever had the pleasure of shooting.
The one that sticks out in my mind was the hardest recoiling I've shot. It was an original Trapdoor Springfield rifle cut down to carbine size. Firing full bore 45-70 405g cartridges a few times convinced me to sell it.

The most fun "firearm" wasn't really a firearm at all. It was a rocket launcher, a Bazooka, firing HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) rounds. The result of hitting the target, an old retired half track, was spectacular. We were supposed to be firing inert warheads, but they did not have any, so we were issued HEAT rounds.

Eventually, we had to stop because pieces of the half track were exploding back dangerously close to us. They actually make a whirring noise as they fly towards you.
.22S,L, and LR
7.62x51 (M60)
300 Win Mag
.50BMG (M-2)
7.92x57 (MG-42 [Hitler's Zipper])
.410 bore
20 gauge
16 gauge
12 gauge
10 gauge
40mm (M430 grenade/ MK19)
.41 Mag
.44 Mag
.45 Auto
Maybe a couple I've forgotten

I'll have to say the M2, MK19 and MG42 were the most fun.
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The most interesting guns I have shot.

Thompson 45acp full auto
MP5 9mm full auto
Sten full auto
M-16 full auto Vietnam era
M-4 full auto
Uzi full auto
1897 Winchester 12g, manufacture yr 1911
Old 12g sawed off to 12in (it helps to know lots of police, with college buddy who heads up a swat team)
most memorable
Thompson .45 sub machine gun

unsuspecting boom
7mm rem magnum

just so big
S&W 500 8" stainless monster.

be safe
I'm almost 74 and got my first gun at 12.
I have better things to do with the rest of my life than trying to remember every gun that has passed through my hands.
I'll probably miss some, but I'll give it a shot.

Guns I've owned or still own:
Marlin 60
Savage .22 bolt gun
Marlin 917
Moss 500
Beretta a300
Ruger Red Label
Single Six
Beretta 92
S&W M&P 40
Springfield 1911
HiPoint 995
S&W 629
Remington 742 .30-06
Remington 700 .308
Savage 9317 TR
Walther PPQ 9mm
Saiga 7.62x39
Bushmaster Predator
DMPS Classic 16

Notable (to me) guns I've shot:
First gun I shot, Savage single shot break open 16ga, also killed my 2nd deer with it
Barrett .50
M1 Garand
M1 Carbine
03 Springfield
Taurus Judge (interesting, but confirmed I dont have much interest in owning one)
Brownig Abolt 7mm Rem Mag (1st deer)
In 1965, I was a member of the 8th Division in Germany. My assigned weapon at one point was an M-14E2. An M-14 with a funny looking stock and a bipod. It was supposed to replace the BAR, the E2 fit the slot but was not an adequate replacement for the BAR. I digress, in NATO, there was an annual competition, "Prix-Leclerc". I was required to participate in the first round of automatic rifle competition. To my suprise, I made that and two more eliminations.

The round consisted of a gunner and an assistant gunner starting at the 600 meter line. When the whistle blew, we ran to the 500 meter line, plopped down and fired 20 rounds on auto. No single shots, no bursts greater than three rounds. We were graded on time(running), trigger maniuplation, and score on the paper. The gunner and assistant swapped roles, the whistle blew again and the race was on for the 400 meter line and 20 more rounds.

It was fun and got us out of the daily grind of motor pool maintenance, boring classes, and guard duty. But we got got to practice with some Dutch and British teams. Both used Bren guns for their auto rifle role. The Dutch were .303, and the Brits had converted their Bren guns to 7.62 Nato.

Either were vastly superior to our M-14s cobbled together to be an AR as an afterthought. Our best teams could not beat their middlin' teams.

Ditto for the Machine gun competition. The Germans were using MG-1, which was an MG-42 with sight modifications. The Brits were using the GPMG (they called the 'gimpy') which is the same MG that we waited until 1986 to adopt as the M-240. Both were vastly superior to our M-60s of the day. On the MG-1, you could change three hot barrels in the time it took to change out an M-60 barrel.

At a training day at the Baumholder ranges, I got to shoot both the Brit and the German MGs. The only problem I had with the MG-1 was trigger manipulation. It had a cyclic rate double the Gimpy or M-60.

I never made the US Army team, but I sure had a lot of fun, evaded some boring duty and got to shoot some really neat weapons.
1861 Springfield rifled musket
Enfield rifled musket
1810 dated .69 cal musket made by Asa Waters
1853 slant breech sharps sporting rifle in .36 caliber
1865 sharps three band military rifle converted to 45-70 by J.P.Lower
Various Pennsylvania Longrifle's
Belgian .69 smooth bore musket
Original 3rd model 1851 Colt Navy
" 1860 Colt Army
Reproduction Walkers
Thompson smg. I got to be a Thompson Gunner for a few minutes!
British Sten
Main (105mm) gun on any one of my 5 M-60 main battle tanks (in the Army)
Browning .50 M-2 1918 (Ma Deuce)
M-85 .50 Cupola mounted on an M-60 tank.
7.62 NATO Co-ax M.G. On M-60 tanks
82mm Mortar
105mm artillery piece
106mm recoiless rifle (I hope I remember the caliber correctly. Only once for familiarization.
M-16. Old first type without the butt trap compartment.
.45 acp 1911
.45 acp 1917 Colt
.45 acp 1917 S&W
Various Colt SAA's
1903 Springfields and Rock Island Arsenals
Various U.S. Krags
GEW 98 that'd been picked up in a trench after the 2nd battle of the Somme in the Argon by my wife's first husbands dad.
1891 Argentine Mauser
Several Long Lee Enfields
Several SMLE 1 Mk III's
A double barreled percussion shotgun from The Jesse James Home and Museum in Clay County, MO that I was asked to clean and conserve. I just had to try it out with their permission. Yea, Jesse had hunted with it before.
Several .22's
M1 rifle and carbine
M-60 Machine Gun
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In over 50 years of shooting and wood tromping, I can't remember all the ones I have shot but there are a couple left on my "bucket list". I finally crossed the Thompson off a couple years ago but two I still want to try are a 50-100 Sharps "buffalo gun", and a BAR.
I've also been shooting for 50 years. I grew up on a trap range. I saw so many shotguns I couldn't begin to count the different brands and types and I shot my share of them. Some cost as much as $3000 back then. They would be worth about $25,000 or more today. No I didn't get to shoot those. No one shot them.

My dad bought and sold guns like it was Christmas every day. We had dozens laying around most of the time. I couldn't shoot many of them because dad wouldn't shoot them either. But I shot plenty. I've spend long hours at the gun range swapping guns with other people shooting all sorts of rifles. I went to a range with a guy one day when we shot up at least $4000 worth of ammo through a dozen different guns including 3 full auto examples - an HK, an M-16, and a .308 rifle I have no idea what brand it was. We had people write long letters to the local newspaper complaining about the noise we made. It was great!

I've bought and sold a bunch of guns over the years. I've settled on keeping about 20. That seems to keep me satisfied. More than that and they just end up sitting in the safe. They do that now come to think of it.

I'd have to remember literally hundreds of guns I've shot over the years. I've shot the classics and I've shot the crud. I've shot the odd stuff that is a collectors item now (like a Nylon 66) and I've shot the common stuff that everyone has shot (like an 870 or more like 20 versions of an 870 - I couldn't even tell you how many of them I've owned over the years much less how many I've shot).

There are many, many guns in the world and I want to shoot them all. I've shot AR-10's, full auto AK's, Mac 10's, Tec 9's. Hi-Point, Herstal, HK, Marlins, Mausers, Ravens, Rugers, Rock River, Remington, Colt, CZ, Charter Arms, Ithaca, Kahr, Savage, Sig, S&W, Armalite, Winchester, a dozen different AK's,... Etc. This list doesn't even begin to cover the issue. Not even close.

I can't imagine knowing every gun I've shot. Maybe that just proves I'm old but I've been around guns a very long time too.
A couple memorable ones.

I met an old geezer dude, he used to be into guns and shooting, but hadnt pursued it in years. He met up with some of us locals that liked to shoot and he rekindled the urge. He showed me some of his collection. One was a Ruger Hawkeye in 256 cal with a two digit serial number. He said he knew Bill Ruger and got many of their new gun models of that time with the same serial number. He asked if I wanted to shoot it, I said sure, it sounds fun. We took it out, along with some other stuff he had. I shot a few rounds, and asked him how he liked shooting it. He said it was unfired before I shot it.

He also had an artillery Luger in 7.56 cal. Very cool to shoot.

Another friend had a custom built Gemmer style 50-70 trapdoor built on an original Allen conversion gun. Very cool piece of history. He had owned a sizable number of original Sharps buffalo guns over time. He tried to shoot each one he got, even if just a few rounds. I was able to shoot some of them if I was around at the right times.
Coolest one had to be the GE Mini Gun.


Stoner 63
SR-25 w/ QD Suppressor

All super fun:D
Umm...yeah. fighting a migraine or I would start the list. Last I counted I stock 40 different ammo types in 32 calibers, and that's for my own collection. That doesn't include guns and calibers I have sold. Add in my buddies guns, rentals, etc and I bet that the list gets mighty close to 100 calibers...CALIBERS...not yo even head off into brands and models. No doubt that number gets well into the 3 digits, especially if you count variations of very similar guns (4"ss, 4"blue, 6"ss 6"blue gp100)(rem 700 adl, bdl, vtr...)(1911 alphabet soup) j frame models, k frame models etc. Just listing guns I have owned (I keep track) is over 100 and I'm down to a fraction of that now.
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