guns you've fired in your lifetime

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I'm still growing the list on the civilian side of firearms. On the military side, most are the usual suspects although a few are memorable to me.

M60 Machine Gun
M2 Machine Gun
Mk19 Grenade Launcher (vehicle mounted)
M249 SAW
M4 Carbine
M230 Chain Gun (miss this one the most)

Some were fired in exciting times but all are exciting to fire every time.
Nothing too impressive I'm sure compared to many here, but if my memory serves.

Mossberg 177 bolt action .22
Remmington 1100 12 gauge
Some other over under 12 gauge
Lever action 30-30
Ruger 10/22
Ar 15's .223 in a variety of configurations
Ar 10 308
Astra a90 9mm
.25 cal semi auto something small pistol.
.25 or .32 beretta tip up (bobcat maybe?)
Taurus tracker .22 revolver
M&p shield and compact 9mm
Taurus pt709 9mm
Ruger sr22 pistol
Colt 1911 circa 1970's .45
I've fired many guns but the more memorable ones were;

Barrett Light Fifty
1874 Shiloh Sharps 50-140
M71/84 11mm Beaumont police carbine
MG 42
454 Casull revolver
45/70 Century Arms revolver
A whole bunch of handguns in 9mm, .22, .45, and .380... a fair number in .40 and .38/.357... a couple in .32 ACP, and one in .25 ACP. The most memorable being the smallest centerfire and the largest centerfire that I've shot... a Baby Browning in .25 and a Magnum Research BFR in .30-30.

As far as rifles go... I've shot a ton of .22's... both bolts and semis. I've shot a bunch of .308 bolt guns. I've shot AR's, an AK, pistol caliber carbines in 9mm and .40. My favorite and the one that sticks out most in my mind is my instructor's M1 Garand, or my own personal Enfield No 4. Mk.I*/3 for it's history.

Shotguns? Most variants of 870's and 500's. 1100's, 11-87's, various over/unders and side-by-sides.

I've shot a few in my days... always looking to try new stuff...
I'm almost 74 and got my first gun at 12.
I have better things to do with the rest of my life than trying to remember every gun that has passed through my hands.

C'mon now, you could at least share something memorable. No need to ruin our parade...Also to all the obviously ex-military folks, I'm glad you at least got to run some cool boomers!

As a mere mortal civilian, I've shot lots of various pistols/rifles. However, some of the more memorable experiences were a cap and ball revolver, suppressed MP5 of some kind, and a cool little SBR 300blk.

Oh, and one more. I ran a couple rounds through a Barrett M82 standing, offhand, as a lightweight freshman :evil: link to video below!
Watch by clicking here.
I'm not even sure I could rattle off all the different cartridges I've shot, let alone the guns. Wouldn't surprise me that it was over 1000
I've owned several hundred over 40+ years of trading around. Shot a few that didn't belong to me. I don't have the time nor inclination to try to remember and list them all, but a few notables that I've NOT shot:

*Not big into mil-surps, so only a handful of those.
*Ruger #1 or #3
*No black powder handguns, but I have fired a few rifles.
*Never fired anything in a 375, but have shot most everything else over .30 caliber.
*Under .30 I've never fooled with any of the 25's or 6.5's.
*Never owned or shot a high end double. I've owned and shot several budget guns and some mid level ones.
*Never owned or fired a Cooper, NULA or Montana Rifle company rifle.

There are others for sure, but not many of the common firearms have not passed through my hands at some time.
I'm 63 years old so the list is too long to remember.

I'm 63 years old so the list is too long to remember.

I have been shooting guns since I was 9 years old,,,
I never pass up a chance to shoot something new to me,,,
Even if it's just some old single-shot 22 rifle I'll enjoy giving it a shot. :)

That's one advantage to belonging to a large-ish rifle & pistol club,,,
Lots of members who for the most part will allow you a shot or six from their guns.

Of course it helps if you also allow them to shoot some of your guns.

But seriously I could not even begin to make a list,,,
Just four years ago I spent a summer shooting every 9mm I could get my hands on.

I'll bet I fired at least 30 to 40 different makes and models.

There is one old gentleman who brings out his big game rifles,,,
If you reimburse him for the ammo he'll let you shoot any of his rifles.

I fired two rounds from a HUGE double rifle,,,
I think I remember it being a 6-something,,,
The cartridges cost me $8.00 each.

The tequila to ease the pain in my shoulder was more expensive. ;)


Just about

everything commonly available from a .22 short up to a .450 Ackley, over 65 years.
Red Ryder .177 BB to M256 120mm smooth bore on the M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams, and a few in between.
Hardly as extensive a list as some, but here goes:

M1 Garand
M1 carbine
BSA FN-FAL (that was one of the more interesting ones)
Mossberg 20 gauge bolt action
28 gauge Mossberg 500
Remington 1100 20 LT
S&W M&P15 Sport
Ruger Single-Six .22
Ruger Security Six .357
CZ-75B 9mm
Glock 30 .45 ACP
Glock 23 .40 S&W
Colt Series 80 1911 .45 ACP
Taurus 1911 .45 ACP
Remington R1 1911 .45 ACP
1911 platform IPSC race gun .45 ACP
Winchester 94 .30-30
Remington 7400 .270 Win.
Remington 722 .250 Savage
S&W 27-2 .357
CVA .50 muzzleloader (before 209 primers were common)
Ruger SR22
If we just go memorable...3" cannon tops the list, followed by an m4, 03a3, arsenal slr107, 1919, a few hammered muzzle loading doubleguns, a superposed, 10 gauge single shot was quite memorable.

Handguns aren't as big of a deal to me. I have owned and shot a few but none that really just stand out beyond my 3 long barrels, 15" 357 buntline, 9" single six, and contender with 16" 44 mag and 10" 7-30. Maybe the plr556 stands out but not as a pleasant memory.
22 mag
.223/556 (bolt guns, m16a1 and a2, ar-15 and m4)
.308 hunting rifle
7.62(2a enfield and m1a)
.303(several enfields)
.30-06 (garand, 1903, hunting rifles)
.44 mag (rifle)
.38 and .357
.45 colt
.45 acp
40mm bofors
105mm howitzer

thats off the top of my head
I don't have a list. I do find as I've gotten older, I have less interest in shooting everything there is or even owning a lot of different things. I still shoot a lot. Just don't need to own it and am ok if I don't get to shoot it.
Guns fired in my lifetime.

All of the regular rifles and handguns, but a few that stand out in my mind.
M79 blooker. 40mm grenade launcher.
M-60 30 cal. machine gun.
81 mm Mortar
Ak47 full auto.
Russian made Sniper rifle.
Tommy Gun 45acp full auo.
Swedish K 9mm full auto
Uzi full auto.
Type 56 SKS
Tokarov Russian hand gun.
M2 50 cal full auto.
Model 70 Win Sniper rifle 30-06. Just like Carlos Hathcocks.
Sten gun 9mm full auto.
Russian PPSH assault rifle.
Chinese copy of M18 57mm recoiless rifle.
Nearly got to fire a Redeye heat seeking anti aircraft missle. Had it locked on a NVA smoking a cigarette, across the Bein Hie river. $90,000 missle. :D
Rifles and carbines

M1 Garand
1903 Springfield
1903a3 Springfield
M91/30 Mosin PU
Standard Mosin
WASR 10 (Kalashnikov)
SLR106CR (Kalashnikov)
MAS 49/56
Turkish Mauser 8mm
M1917 Enfield
Sten Mark V
AR 15, rifle and carbine
PTR 91 (HK 91 clone)
.444 Marlin lever action
Model 71 Winchester .348
Marlin 795
Kimber Model 82 Government
Daisy surplus pellet rifle
Savage .22 take down lever

Pistols and revolvers
Star Model B
Star PD
Beretta 92FS
FN Browning High Power
Kimber 1911 Custom II
Rock Island 1911 Standard
CZ 75
P64 Polish Radom
CZ 82
Ruger Mark III
Ruger SR9
Ruger Blackhawk in .22 and .357
Smith and Wesson Sigma
M1900 DWM Bulgarian Contract Luger in 7.65 Parabellum
AR 15

Remington 870
American Arms .410
Remington SP 10
Ithaca Model 51
Ithaca Model 10
Saiga .410
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Just going to list a few of the less common ones I've had the opportunity to shoot, but not necessarily own . . .

T/C Contender in 6.5 Ingram
Broomhandle Mauser
Original .45/70 Trapdoor Springfield
Bergmann-Bayard pistol
Astra 400
Rast-Gasser revolver
Mauser 1910 pistol
Mauser HSc
S&W M76
American 180
Thompson SMG

They're not all rare, but you don't see them a whole lot on the range these days.

And for the military types listing artillery - don't be TOO smug about listing mortars, grenade launchers, howitzers, and tank guns as there are probably still some folks alive who fired either the Davy Crockett or or the 280mm M65 cannon with atomic shells. (And, for that matter, 16" battleship guns.) ;)
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