Harbor Freight 20% off good for knockoff Pelican cases

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Jan 3, 2003
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I went by and picked up a small 1800 yesterday, a 2800, and a 3800. While the coupon says "Limit 1 per customer per day" I had two Harbor Freights close enough to me to just make a loop while on errands. I didn't provide my contact information on the second stop and payed by a different method just to avoid any questions "Sir, the computer indicates you bought a larger case 15 minutes ago...."


https://www.harborfreight.com/search?q=apache case

I've used these for several years for guns, knives, medical kits, tool kits and have been satisfied with them (enough so I transport my CPAP in one when traveling). I'm not going to park a 5 Ton on one so I'm not concerned they won't withstand that level of abuse after they've survived baggage handlers and bouncing around in trunks and truck beds.

They certainly make for a handy way to transport knives to/from shows.
I have one in which I store camera lenses. Think I shall go tomorrow to pick up another for knife/handgun transportation. Thanks for the coupon.
FYI, the stickers come off very easily if you dribble a little Ronson lighter fluid on the label and let it sit for several minutes.
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