Harbor Freight reloading sale.

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Nov 24, 2007
Smyrna Tennessee
Just got their flier and saw lots of good deals for some of us.

3 piece welder's leather combo set 40% off to 11.99(casting protection)
wire brush 83% off to .33(cleaning lead splatter:banghead:)
6" digital caliper 56% off to 12.99(lots of uses)
5 PK dust masks 40% off to .59(very useful)
100 latex gloves 46% off to 4.29(tumble lubing comes to mind)
7'4"x9'6" tarp 48% off to 2.59(catching brass at the range)
Black cap knee pads 36% off to 3.79(picking up brass at the range)
7" bench brush 29% off to 1.89(sweeping off the bench, floor etc.)
headlamp w/swivel lens 66% off to 1.99(little extra light where you need it)
industrial ear muffs 52% off to 1.89(no explaination necessary)
impact resistant safety glasses 50% off to 1.49(many uses)
4'x12' canvas drop cloth 35% off to 6.49(reloading on carpet)
60" solid oak bench 50.00 off to 149.99(if you don't have a bench)

Maybe this will benefit someone. Ha, and all reloding related too. :rolleyes:

Coupon required, so look for the sales book in your mailbox or check your local store to see if they have any.
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2/3 of all my tools and gear were proudly bought at Harbor Freight. My budget and I have the misfortune to live just 15 minutes from the nearest store - lol
I bought one and returned it. The scale does not have 1/10's so it could be any where between 1-2 grains and displays 2 grains
You'd think 10 buck Crack scales would have 1/10ths.

The drug dealers are probably losing a lot of money.

Course, if the scales "round up" I guess it's too their benefit!

In my weak defence, there were no specs on the cheap scale.:cuss: Maybe it could be used for alloying small batches of lead? :banghead:

Primers werent listed in the flier. Call the store nearest you to check on stock. :D
You'd think 10 buck Crack scales would have 1/10ths.

The drug dealers are probably losing a lot of money.


Between this and the "stacked 4 deep prison lover style" comment, I am beginning to think you have a future in Comedy as well.

for you guys wanting crackhead scales i go to a pawn shop in memphis tenn. on a regular basis I bet they had a 1000 of those along with dozens of throw away pistols (gats),ak pistols(choppers),and tons of bumper ball hitches from our trucks when we visit.
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