Harbor Freight Ultrasonic on sale

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I have the same model. Mine has been used hard for over a year without a hiccup. Gets brass really clean.
How does this one compare to the new Hornady? Hornady rep said not to use vineagar as it attacks brass. I saw Harbor Freight has the powder stuff you mix will that clean brass or does it have ammonia in it? Ammonia is bad for brass as well.
Heh heh....I asked Mrs. Geneseo if I could buy one, and she asked, "what for?".

My response...."so I can clean your jewelry!";)

She didn't buy it, but she did approve the purchase...:D
Heh heh....I asked Mrs. Geneseo if I could buy one, and she asked, "what for?".

My response...."so I can clean your jewelry!"

She didn't buy it, but she did approve the purchase...

Man I'm glad I don't have to go though all that.
Geneseo: I gave my little lady a small UC cleaner shortly after I gave her an engagement ring (that was 6+ years ago). It really is amazing what the jewelry looks like afterward, especially in the bathroom with all the lights on. Make this the first thing you clean (it will validate the purchase).

On the general topic, I looked up the info at L&R Clean World's HCS-200 (that is the $400 ultrasonic machine marketed directly for handguns). It's the same machine as their SweepZone 200, and the specifications are very similar to the HF machine.

Here are their Handgun instructions:
The MSDS tell you a little bit of what they are using:
* The cleaner, in concentrate, is an alkaline cleaning solution of mostly water and soap with some cleaners added. Ammonia or Baking soda and dish soap sound good to me!
* The lubricant is "Aliphatic Hydrocarbon" with some mineral oil. Yeah, I'm not a chemist so wikipedia basically told me that means its a non-aromatic hydrocarbon oil; maybe its something like a naphthenic oil (MSDS is similar to Birchwood Barricade oil).

BTW, did you know that Hoppe's Lubricating Oil is 100% mineral oil!?
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Just wanted to thank the OP for sharing this deal. Picked one up today. Can't wait to try it...
You have to remember with US cleaners, the part(s) that you want to clean can't be placed directly on the bottom of the reservoir. You need to use the basket or some other rig to suspend the part's in the solution. Mine is filled with distilled water and the brass is placed in another container that is suspended in the water. The cleaning solution is only in the smaller container and is easy and economical to replace. When you need to clean something big, then you use the reservoir. Simple Green dilutions work great in US cleaners. It's really cool how transmitting sound waves can have such a powerful effect.
Looking at the pictures, the Hornady branded one appears to be identical to one of the HF offerings...

I've been using a smaller version of the HF cleaner, without a heater, for a good while. I'm thinking of snagging this one for the larger capacity and the heater though!
It's come to my attention that Barricade is not intended as a lubricant (though looking at its components, I'm not sure why not; and at $21/32oz it's well priced).

In any case, although not the same as the L&R stuff, it looks like Break Free CLP and Kano Microil are both about $1/oz, are considered lubricants, and could be good substitutes for the ultrasonic lubrication. Of course, if you think Hoppe's is good enough, then save yourself some money and buy no-name white mineral oil at <$10/32oz.

Following the L&R's instructions you'd place the parts in the oil while applying power. I'd then let them drip dry back into the tank, followed by a wipe off.
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Glad this thread with the others, has been mentioned. My question would be this...

#1. How often do you have to clean/replace the liquid and what do you do, clean it, or replace it?

Also found a link for a process and chemical make-up that someone uses for cleaning. Looks NICE!

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Thanks Davandron for the heads up. I just bought one here in Lubbock with the coupon out of Sundays paper for the same price. What cleaner are you using they say corrosive ones will discolor and weaken brass? I would use this after resizing and then let the brass sit probably a couple of days to dry before I load it.I guess like the one other poster said you could dry it in a dryer or with a hair dryer but letting it sit should work ok after blowing it out with my compressor.
Thanks again
Recommend you do a little research before putting the aquarium at risk. US cleaners are used to clean surgical instruments along with all the other mechanical parts in all manner of industries. I have a Gemoro that was bought by a friend to clean his wife's jewelery (Geneseo's spirit brother) and who gave it to me when he moved to Abu Dhabi. I use it to clean jewelery (I ain't no dummy) and gun parts, or anything else I want completely clean. You can use the cobbled together solutions like those mentioned here, or get over the counter stuff from several places, mixable powders, liquids to dilute, etc etc. Here's one link: http://www.sonicsonline.com/ You do need a basket to hold the items off the tub, and the clamshell holder is great for small parts. Joe Bob sez chek it out... :cool:
I'm not worried about the aquarium, i used it previously as a saltwater fog test chamber to corrosion-test some common stainless steel pocketknives (look on the Spyderco forums if you're interested) as well as some of Spyderco's "Salt" series of H-1 steel knives

a cheapo Sheffield stainless hawkbill utility knife started rust spotting in a half hour, actual rust in an hour, the Salt?

TWO WEEKS in the exact same solution, not a speck of rust, I actually got bored and stopped the test at two weeks

I'm not worried about damaging the tank
To those that don't have a store near you; I'm sorry to disappoint you. Like I posted originally, I didn't know if it was just my local store or all brick & mortars, but I knew the sale wasn't for online purchases.

ROC1, Macnewbie: You're welcome.

The 6mm Bench Rest article that both I and AzBuckFever linked is a good source of info for an acidic approach. I'm not looking to get super shiny pistol brass; just get the gunk gone.

I intent to start with warm water + dish soap (and maybe some baking soda to raise the pH). Afterwards, to get rid of the water, I'm going to dunk the brass in the cheapest denatured alcohol I can get. This will instantly displace the water, and what little alcohol remains should flash off rather quickly.

MacTech my understanding is that humidifiers / fog generators work differently; [Strike]I think they may be infrasonic[/Strike] (edit: nope, they are ultra-ultra sonic as in 600KHz to 1MHz versus 40KHz in the cleaner). I also don't think they have the energy level to handle the large water mass.
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In case anyone cares: The aforementioned deal is listed on page 29 of the "monthly savings book packed with ridiculously low prices" that shows up in my mail (and I had to dig out of the recycling), so it should be at all stores, and the ad says prices good until March 25th. I'm a bit surprised it doesn't show up online, but I've never ordered online from them.

I'm a bit amazed as well that I can't find a 20% off coupon anywhere in my house. Usually I can find one in about 15s, as the stupid things are like tribbles..... luckily RB98SS saved my bacon with a link!

My bad. I didn't even notice that you posted a link to the same freakin' thing. It's a peave of mine when people do that :fire:
Heh heh....I asked Mrs. Geneseo if I could buy one, and she asked, "what for?".

My response...."so I can clean your jewelry!"

She didn't buy it, but she did approve the purchase...

By the way, my wife loves it. ;)
I just clipped the handles off my HF basket and now can place it in the tub upside down. It sits suspended about a 1/2 inch off the tub bottom. Probably better for the transducer when heavier parts are in the tank. It still works sitting on the bottom too but it's a little harder to grab without the loops.

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