Have you purchased anything gun related in the last three days?


Oct 22, 2014
L/ville Ky.
I bought two slings,a advanced recoil reduction system & a 2- piece nest rest for guns.


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Wiley X Saber Advanced shooting glasses with vermillion lenses and the adapter for prescription lenses, 9mm and 12 ga target ammo, 100 B-27 pistol targets in bulk.

By the way, those glasses are a terrific deal. Frame and three color lenses for $70, $30 for the Rx lens adapter. The quality is superb, and the fit is great. There are copper wires inside the nose bridge to allow you to custom fit it to your nose. Honestly, I don't know what Oakley and the other premium brands offer that is better for their price, but I think I made a really good buy. I plan to take the adapter to Costco next week to see if they will make the Rx lenses for me. They have the best prices around on progressive lenses. All I really need is plano tops and progressive bottoms since my cataract surgery fixed my distance vision.
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CE ProChrono Digital chronograph from eBay.

But... now I’m thinking of selling it and buying the new ProChrono DLX (built-in Bluetooth) instead!
Yes, yesterday. The Sportsman Outdoor Superstore had Ohio National Guard Stamped 870's with top folding stocks, extended magazine and an ultra rare bayonet attachment on it.
I heard they only made around 6000 of this model.
$229 delivered. They sold out in 5 hours.
Set of Talley lightweight rings in 20MOA cant to go on a 700 Titanium in .260 Ackley ... and a Wheeler lapping kit.
The evening before last, we stopped at a hardware store in Soda Springs to pick up a road map. We were on our way over to a new (to us) deer hunting area. While I was in the store, I noticed they had a rack of heavy-duty, made in the USA, leather belts. The belt I’ve been using for concealed carry is getting old and starting to sag a little, so I picked out a new one ($36.95) and bought it, along with a road map.
However, I can’t wear the new belt I bought – yet. You see, I wear a 40, but I purposely bought a 38 because I’m trying to lose some weight. It will be like a reward when I can wear my new concealed carry belt. I figure I’ll be wearing it by this time next month.;)
The road map was a bust though. Not that it didn't work; we found our way to the new deer hunting area alright, but we didn't see any deer to shoot. Oh well. We saw some pretty country.:)