Have you purchased anything gun related in the last three days?

IMG_3808.jpeg I meant to just get a couple boxes of bullets… But they were all gone, but I saw some unicorns in the powder cabinet… And decided that I would grab a box of factory stuff on the cheap.
ETA IMG_3810.jpeg Also started an expansion of the “bench in a box”: a bullet box(for stuff I shoot) fits perfectly…
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Bought quite a few things from other forums, Guns Parts Corp, Ebay. Have a couple of 22LR rifles to restore, new sights, springs. Bought fixed sight slides and barrels for my S&W M639 and 659. Bought a compensator/muzzle brake off Ebay, installed it on my Combat Commander, see how it shoots.
Should be here tomorrow. This is the best price I've gotten .308 for in awhile. Joe
TSMT762A - MT762AMagTech 7.62x51mm Ammo M80 Ball 147 Grain Full Metal Jacket-Box of 503$41.86$125.58

Order Notes:


Shipping Insurance:$1.95
Discreet Overbox Packaging
FL State Tax:$9.41
@irishlad, thanks for that! One more cool item to pick up. :thumbup:
He has a small and large case.

He has a small and large case.

That's good to know! I still have a good supply of the 1980's Malaysian surplus
I still have some Malaysian 5.56. I shot it in a brief foray into 3-gun and used some of it for Mexican Match with Sierra and Remington bullets.

I haven't bought anything substantial since my Garmin chronograph. I almost talked myself into a new pistol last week but inertia set in.