Have you purchased anything gun related in the last three days?

A really faded WW2 (RAAF/RAF) gray-blue Enfield sling to go on my (Century) semi-Aussie L1A1 FAL , which has an Imbel upper; the "right arm of the free world".

I really like inherent character and no longer own guns which have little (ie the most popular rifle in the US).


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One of those 2K-round "cases" of Aguila 38 gr. HP .22LR.

Also snagged a couple of 50-round boxes of Aguila Interceptor for a good price.
Happy about that.

I did see a Taurus 942 3-inch model in .22 LR.
I wish it was blued; I probably would have bought it.
Since it was stainless - I forced myself to wait.

Looking forward to comparing it with some other DA revolvers I already have.
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