Have you purchased anything gun related in the last three days?

I ordered a pair of Pachmayr grips for the S&W M-27 I bought last weekend and threw in a set of Lee commercial bullet mold handles to have as spares. (not related to the M-27) These should arrive today from Midsouth.

Also ordered a few Wilson mags for the Gold Cup that I bought last weekend. I ordered these from Midway last night so I don't have a tracking number for them yet!
I went ahead and ordered the Magguts I mentioned in the G43X thread. A +1 for my LC9s, +1 and +2 for G43.
Due in today or tomorrow, depending on which tracking report you read. Other stuff going on, I probably won't assemble and shoot until Friday.

Magguts arrived today. Their guy makes stuffing all that spring into the tube look easy. I did get the Glock magazine floor plate tool. He just used Vicegrips.

The G43 +1 completely defeated me. It took two sessions to cram the long spring into the magazine and when I finally did, it would not accept but 4 rounds. I took it back apart and found the spring bent in places it was not supposed to. I will see if they will warranty it, maybe apply its price to the cost of another +2.

The G43 +2 and the LC9s +1 with their weird part W, part wire "hybrid" springs went together with a little less of a struggle. They loaded stiffly but fed hardball and a few JHP reliably. So now I have them at 8+1.
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I've gotta remember that as another excuse! ;)
It's always been a great excuse. :p

I have dies, brass, and two flavors of bullets but am fresh out of any 9.3X72R guns, so I think I'll beat up my CC and get this coming.






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Another 13 boxes of this Swiss-made .308 for my FAL rifles’ “ammo panic” reserve.

No Retail tax outside Texas, and free shipping over $200.
Some brands certainly cost less but most of them require both retail tax and shipping costs.

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I ordered 15 boxes of PMC Bronze 9mm 115 FMJ for 12.99/box at Sportsman's Warehouse. They should be in to the nearest store for me to pick up on 6-25.

The lowest recent pricing for comparable 9mm loads runs around $13.99-$14.99 per box. This has usually been Fiocchi, which has been good to me. I’ll buy it by the case at the lower end sale pricing.

With the looming CA ammo tax increase starting 7-1, the LGS shelves are a bit bare around here right now. (I was happy to see this price.)

More “ public safety” legislation punishing lawful gun owners. :fire:

Stay safe.
I know not everyone can leave the state for stuff but when i am across the border, i almost always pick up a case or two of factory ammo.

1. Cheaper than most online vendors.

2. Ca doesn't get a cent in taxes/stealing my money.

3. I reload most of my ammo, but a person can never have too much factory ammo on hand for "reasons".

Walked into the GS today as I was passing by that way and saw this which I could not resist grabbing a case because they had it priced at $220 for 1000 rounds, these in boxes of 50 not bulk! I should have bought several cases, no? They also gave me two OEM magazines for my Phoenix Arms .22 pistol. Cool gun shop. Same gun shop where a couple months ago I got a free half-hour range pass and $50 gift card for giving a pint of blood.