Help please---Citori question

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sigma 40ve

Feb 19, 2004
sw ohio
I just picked up my Citori for $500 as I posted about earlier. I have never owned an O/U before. My question is, when empty, and dry firing, (yes I know the evils of dry firing) should I be able to "fire" one barrel and then the other, without moving the selector, by just releasing the trigger? I know the manual says in case of a misfire to move the safety/ selector back and up. And this is the only way I can get both to "fire". Thanks for any replies.
Citori's are an inertia type trigger. THe recoil of the first shot resets the hammer to fire the second shot. Try dry fireing the first barrel and hit the recoil pad with the palm of your hand to reset the trigger. See if this works.
Thanks kudu. I tried your suggestion and it worked. One other thing, do Citori's all come with Pachmeyer recoil reducer pads? Again thanks.
kudu - nailed it as usual.

IMO the Deaccelator is the best recoil pad for Citori's , any shotgun - bar none.
This is what I always put on any shotgun I own.

It is not uncommon for folks to change to different recoil pads , I have seen Citori's like the one I used with a variety of different brands and configurations.
Pachmyer for instance makes Skeet, Trap and other versions of the same pads; note the pad configurations - staight, curved , oversized, thin, thick...

Gun fit , includes LOP.

Great shotgun - feel free to ask any and all questions.
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