HELP!!! Trying to Identify This Air Pistol

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Oct 5, 2004
I was given this Air Pistol buy a relative, and I cannot seem to find any identification information on the web.

It's 22cal., and says "BENJAMIN FRANKLIN" on the left side. There's a number 132 on the back of it.

When was this puppy made? Whats it worth?

please help:)
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Well, you already know what it is. It's a Benjamin 132, a single shot .22 pellet pistol. My 1965 Shooter's Bible shows it, so yours is probably about that old. Might be a special version with those grips.

Original sold for $25.50 in '65, supposed to get 3/4" groups, came with sample ammo. Also available in BB and .177 pellet versions.
the serial number looks to be: B 31311

the gun pumps and shoots. Here's the story behind it. It was bought by a doctor who had a bird problem at his condo. He didn't want to kill the birds, just make them go away. He found that Benadryl capsules could be chambered and fired, so he used them as ammo. He figured the Benadryl would just knock them out.:) I plan on doing my own ballistic tests with Benadryl caps, just for ????s and giggles.:D
That pistol was manufactured in 1957 and sold for $20.50 new. I wish I could find them that cheep now. I think the grips are off a later model they should be wood grained.
If you wanted to sell, you could probable get over a hundred for it. I have seen some go for a lot more at auction arms and ebay. I have a couple of the Benjamin’s both pistol and rifle and they shoot great. :)
I'd found a perfect-condition 1966 Crosman Mark 1 in a seller's junk box at a gun show a couple of years ago...for $16.

It just needed new seals, they'd dried out. Man, is that thing accurate!
I have three curently. Two with the white handles. One I know for sure is stock for I purchased it new about 35 years ago. You can buy them for about 100 bucks as someone else said. I purchased on for 75.
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