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Help Wanted 30.06 rifle remington failure

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by folsoh, Jan 12, 2011.

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  1. folsoh

    folsoh Member

    Dec 27, 2009
    Okay, after a recent trigger/safety failure of my brand new remington 700 sps (DM) rifle in 30.06 caliber. Yes remington fans it had the adjustable x mark trigger which caused the rifle to fire almost everytime it was switched from safety to fire. (I might also add that there was no altering to this gun it was in orginal factory condition) SO much so that when I sent it back to remington they kept it and refunded 100% of the purchase price to me. So despite what long time remington fans tell you....the x mark trigger is not safe. I am heart broken over the deal as I have been a remington shooter for 20 plus years, but I will not own another one.

    Anyways I find myself in need of a new rifle and I want your suggestions. I want the follow criteria in my new rifle:

    > non remington brand
    > 30.06 caliber only (165 grain bullets my favorite)
    > synthetic stock...not cheap plastic either
    > non stainless steel finish. I just dont like the shine.
    > price range between $800 and $1500
    > primarily a hunting rifle for Missouri whitetail deer
    > some random target shooting
    > must group..(1.5 or less) ..I want a consistent group...not a hit or miss production rifle

    I already have a brand new Leupold VX3 scope 3.5 x 10 . 40mm with 165 grain CDS 30.06nturret scope for the rifle.

    This will be my primary hunting rifle and I want to make a good investment that I will be happy with for many years. Any ideas or suggestions as to what I should look at are appreciated more than I can say....thank you
  2. blackops

    blackops Member

    Jun 6, 2009
    Winchester M70.
  3. JDMorris

    JDMorris Member

    Sep 4, 2010
    Where the Red Fern grows..
    I like my Howa .308, the .30-06 model is nice too, I just like the shorter action..
    Howa M-1500's are going to range from 425-525 bucks.
  4. Craigman

    Craigman Member

    Apr 28, 2009
    lower RH part of the Mitten
    Browning X-Bolt. I have one in .338 and it shoots great, feels "right" and has a cool syn stock.
  5. GuysModel94

    GuysModel94 Member

    Dec 5, 2010
    The second vote for the Model 70; you might also check out the Wby. Mark V Syn..
  6. DPris

    DPris Member

    Nov 4, 2007
    The trigger that's the center of all the fuss was the older one.
    The X Mark Pro is only about two years old.
    Which one did you have?

    While any mechanical device can fail, I worked with a new BDL in .30-06 a few months back & it ran fine.
    I wouldn't turn my back on Remington.

  7. nathan

    nathan Member

    Feb 4, 2003
    Maybe a lemon amongst the many newer Remington 700s. Im glad nothing bad happened.
  8. Abel

    Abel Member

    Jan 30, 2010
    Eastern CONUS
    X-Bolt Composite Stalker.
  9. OYE

    OYE Member

    Apr 17, 2010
    I guess Weatherby still guarantees theirs to shoot 1.5 moa (does anyone else ? ). The action design is certainlythe equal of any of them. I don't own one, but I would certainly lean in that direction if I was considering it. If that is below your price range, you could special order one with engraving or something of that order.
  10. rajb123

    rajb123 member

    Dec 22, 2010
    I own a Winchester M70 circa 1994 (bought new) and it has control round feeding. It cost me $500 but I believe the prices are around $1K now.

    Anyway, in .338 WM it is NOT a tack driver.

    Although I do not own a Savage, many here say they are VERY accurate and that they provide the best value amoung popular manufacturers.
  11. Pulsar

    Pulsar Member

    Jan 31, 2005
    Zia Pueblo, New Mexico
    cant go wrong with a Savage
    never tried a m70 before, Browning's are very nice but pricey
    too bad about your Remington i really like mine

    did you ever try and adjust it to a heavier pound pull?
    just curious
  12. folsoh

    folsoh Member

    Dec 27, 2009
    Thanks for all of the advice so far.

    As far a my remington it had the new x mark adjustable trigger. I never adjusted it. I like the way it pulled straight out of the box. After it misfired I tried to adjust it only to learn that it continually fired when placed off safety and the trigger adjustment didnt matter.

    According to remington you can even take the adjustment screw out and fire it at the lowest default setting (2 pounds) and its safe.

    All I can tell you is sitting in a hunting blind with a 10 year old. I clicked the weapon from safe to fire with no fingers in or anywhere near the trigger guard on a gun that was two months old and had been fired 25 times. The gun fired scaring us both to death. I had no choice but to get rid of the rifle for my own peace of mind. I wish you the best with your remington but as for me until they up their quaility control we are done.
  13. UniversalFrost

    UniversalFrost Member

    Sep 20, 2006
    West Virginia
    if your price range is the 800-1500 range as you mentioned in your original post I would highly recommend either a Kimber or a Weatherby Mark V ......

    If you want to have a complete package for 800-1500 here is what i would get (if buying new)

    Weatherby Vanguard Sub-Moa (buds has killer prices on these and I have one) or if you can find a USED or LIKE NEW MK V on GB or AA get it.
    Warne 1 piece mount with Warne medium rings
    Burris Signature 4-12 x 40

    If the trigger is a bit sloppy or gravely I would instantly go with a Timney or Jard (100 to 150).

    complete package would run you around $1000 to 1100.

    Or here is a recent package i put together (rifle was actually purchased from a fellow THR member)

    Wincheser Model 70, 30/06 blued 24" barrel with iron sights, walnut stocked.
    Warne 2 piece mount with warne QR rings
    Nikon Buckmasters (the buckmasters are always last years Monarchs) 3-9x40 with BDC reticle

    The entire package cost me $600 (including the shipping and FFL fees). At 100 meters I have nice clover leaf patterns with the bullets touching (using hand loads, but even the cheap federal 150 and 180gr SP will pattern very similiar.
  14. NCsmitty

    NCsmitty Member

    Jun 29, 2008
    North Carolina
    T. C. Venture is a good value, and boasts 5R rifling with an accuracy guarantee of 1" at 100yds, and under $500. That leaves room for good glass in the budget.


  15. Slamfire

    Slamfire Member

    Dec 29, 2006
    Try to find a M70 with this type of trigger. This action is FN PBR, FN later changed the trigger. But all previous M70's, pre 64, push feed, have this trigger.


    I was at a gun show this weekend and saw a couple of push feed M70's. They were reasonably priced. There is nothing wrong with a push feed M70, it is just the market prefers the controlled round feed.

    I really like the M70 action, smooth and slick. The safety positively cams the firing pin back. With the firing pin held back you can empty the magazine. Given that commercial rifles have an over ride trigger, this is the safest procedure to empty "from the top" that I am aware of.
  16. DM~

    DM~ Member

    Jan 6, 2011
    upper mid west
    Over the years i've fixed many firearms of all brands... Had i got THAT new Rem., it would have went back with a BIG "fix or replace" sign on it!

    YES i have fixed other brands with trigger problems, so....

  17. Vern Humphrey

    Vern Humphrey Member

    Dec 30, 2002
    Deep in the Ozarks
    I second the remarks about the old Model 70 trigger. I've had an enclosed trigger freeze up on me when hunting in bad weather in the Rockies.
  18. longdayjake

    longdayjake Member

    Apr 10, 2008
    Genesee, ID
    M70 winchester.
  19. ants

    ants Member

    Nov 24, 2007
    If your criteria is 1.5 moa, don't get a Weatherby.

    They can only do half that size group. :neener: :p :neener:
  20. rbernie
    • Contributing Member

    rbernie Member

    Jan 21, 2004
    Norra Texas
    A Tikka T3 Hunter will not disappoint.
  21. folsoh

    folsoh Member

    Dec 27, 2009
    I was wondering how satisfied are weatherby owners with thier guns>????
  22. kpolivier101

    kpolivier101 Member

    Nov 17, 2008
    Baton Rouge, La.
    Owning three Weatherby's doesn't make me an expert, but the ones i have all shoot under 1". I also reload all of them as they are weatherby mags calibers but if you are looking for a good 30-06, my cousin has 2 vanguards both in 30-06 and i have seen him shoot and he has one that shoot about 1-1/2" w/ a 180gr. bullet and the other shoots 3/4" groups using a 165gr bullet. Oh we shoot and sight in our rifles at 150 yds.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2011
  23. BrocLuno

    BrocLuno Member

    Oct 26, 2010
    Kalif Kollective
    There are some very nice 30-06 rifles out there. The ones in this PDF are some of the ones I have admired from afar: http://www.verney-carron.com/pdf/brochures-2009-US-Impact-Plus.pdf

    But there are so many choices. Most have mentioned US made arms and they are certianly in the running. But, I think I'd be looking at TIKKA or Sako in my short list. I don't say buy one. I do say go look at one. Not a lite as you'll be unhappy with the stock - it's very light and feels a bit flimsy. A standard weight syn stock would be my feel and fit tester.

    The TIKKA action was specifically designed around the 30-06 cartridge. Sure they can shoot shorter rounds if they are setup for it, but the 06 is the ideal fit for that action. I have found the feel coming to shoulder to be nearly ideal for me. 5' 11" and about 240. It might not fit you so well and that's fine - just cross it off the list. But if it does fit you, I think you'll find the bolt and the action VERY pleasing - as in smoother than a baby's butt :)

    They will meet your 1.5" accuracy standard out of the box :)
  24. Freedom_fighter_in_IL

    Freedom_fighter_in_IL Member

    Aug 30, 2010
    Got to put in another vote for the Savage. This one falls well within your criteria.


    Since you already have a nice scope, just get you a good base and ring set and away you go. It is really hard to beat a savage in accuracy out of the box. And the accutrigger is A+. Very positive feel to it. With the money you saved ( $100 less MSRP than what you said) you can gain some really nice brownie points by taking the wife out to a nice dinner!
  25. Durty

    Durty Member

    Aug 31, 2010
    San Antonio, TX
    That may be the saddest story I heard all day. Model 700 disappointing someone. That's rare. Regardless of what anyone wants to think, the 700 is the standard for a classic, solid, reliable, accurate bolt gun.
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