Hi-Tek coated bullet 45LC and 9mm

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Jun 30, 2010
Trying to assemble my supplies for my first reloading and am looking at ordering bullets. I've done some reading about Hi-Tek coated bullets, such as those from Missouri and Bayou, and people seem to be like the reduced leading.

Other than a slight increase in cost, is there any reasons not to reload using a Hi-Tek coated bullet?

Does the coating add enough width to cause a problem loading or rejecting?

Is it more difficult to roll crimp a groove that has the Hi-Tek coating?
HI-TEK is good stuff.
Have a look at ACME BULLET CO. (Google it) they are in Wisconsin.

They have a great looking product LIPSTICK RED
is the color of their HI-TEK projectiles.

Give them a look, the projectiles come inside
great little boxes too.

No crimp problems except for people that use a
LEE FACTORY CRIMP DIE as it has been known to
squeeze down cast bullets and possibly induce leading.

Bullet size and fit still matters, HI-TEK and
Powder Coating is the wave of the future over cast & waxy lubes
along with plated projectiles.

There will always be uses for Jacketed projectiles.

Acme has conventional lubed cast bullets also.
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i use Bayou Bullets exclusively for my 9mm, and 45acp loads. No leading, low/no smoke, very accurate.

Also check out Black Bullets International. They are a few $$ cheaper than Bayou when you figure in shipping. I have considered switching to BBI, but Donnie at Bayou Bullet is a super nice guy, and ships extremely fast.
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I have been really happy with Missouri Bullet Companies bullets.
Brad and JoAnne at MBC are great people.
They offer THR members a 5% discount.
The code is at the start of BDS PIF thread.

I shot a bunch of uncoated bullets with no leading issues but still think the HI TEK coating is worth the couple extra $.
For all the lead bullets I have ordered lately I have orded them with the coating.

The bullets should be sized after coating so the coating thickness should not be an issue.

I have also been really happy with the 9mm 124gr FN from Rocky Mountain Reloading.
I like their 230gr RN in .45 APC don't know how it would be in .45 LC
They also offer THR members a %5 discount. Code in BDSs thread. Their prices include shipping.
Shot lots of these as well.


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