HK is it fair?

pricey or not?

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Feb 11, 2009
Hey all Im in the market for a new handgun and was taking a look at the HK line. Just out of curiosity do y'all think that the price on these things is fair when there are other lines for lots less? I mean good grief these things are pricey comparatively speaking. any and all comments and opinions welcome.
HK handguns are a little overpriced but they work and they work well.

Sig's line of pistols are not much cheaper than HK's anymore and personally I think the quality of new Sig's has gone down while HK still seems to maintain a very high level of QC.
I'll agree that modern H&K's are better values than the Sigs.

H&K's are not cheap, but they function more reliably than any other brand. Their .45's are the best non-1911 .45's out there.
HK's are like any premium line - part of the price IS the name - but it's still an HK if and when it comes time to sell it.

I own and shoot everything from Ruger to HK - my top three carry guns are an HK, a S&W and a Taurus.
do y'all think that the price on these things is fair...
Fair has nothing to do with the price of their guns. As my ex's lawyer told me when I told her what I thought of the divorce settlement, "Fair is a weather report!"

The same question gets asked on the amateur radio and photography forums I frequent. Everyone wants the features of the top-of-the-line gear, but hate the fact that they have to "settle" for something less. If you can't afford an HK pistol, then you will have to buy something that you can afford. It is not Heckler & Koch's responsibility to make firearms you can afford! As long as there are enough people that can afford to buy what they produce, that is all they are concerned about. I am sure they have a quality standard that they are not willing to compromise on just so you can own one!

I would love to own an ICOM IC-7800 HF transceiver ($11,000) hooked up to a SteppIR Yagi antenna ($4,800). I would also love to own a Hasselblad H3DII-50 camera ($27,000). But you know what? I can't afford these things! Too bad for me, right? I guess I will go on those forums and complain about how unfair it is that I can't have these things I deserve to have! Waaaaahhhhh!!!


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The beauty of free markets: If you think HK's prices are fair, you can buy one (and a lot of people have). If you don't think so, you can skip right over them at your local gun counter. There's also, of course, looking and waiting for the right deal to get in on a great product at a price that's at the low end of the range for that model. I would never pay full MSRP for an HK, but then I wouldn't for any other handgun, either. I wouldn't say I consider the price unfair so much as I don't feel it's worth that much money for what I gain.
I agree with the SIG remark. Jeeze talk about a deteriorating product.

I own exactly ONE Hk (A P30 V3). I like it for what it is. But I will put it out there that folks who buy an Hk P30, P2000, Hk45 pay a lot of money and should have a quality pistol which they do. But those same folks should have a quality pistol that does not rattle or have a crappy trigger either which they do too.

For the scratch demanded, the sucktastic polymer HK trigger pulls are inexcusable.

"Abercrombie & Fitch" used to mean top end gear for serious people. So too did H&K back in the P7's ascendancy. Now? Purveyors of yuppie "lifestyle" items both.
HK. Because you suck. And we hate you.

BTW, HK still hates you.

I love my P7 and my P2000sk was awesome... i traded it in b/c I figured I just didn't need two 9mm pistols, but I'm regretting it now.

What I could bear to read in that article was a bunch of crap. Mk23 costs a lot... yeah, it wasn't designed to be an affordable option. Their pistols cost twice as much as others? Really? I got a P2000 under $800, my P7 was ~$600... so that means we're looking at a sub-$400/300 pistol. What quality subcompact is sub-$400?

Are they worth the money? I dunno. I haven't ever regretting paying what I did for an HK. You can get a $300 Ruger that'll never fail either... just depends what you're looking for. you can't conceal a Ruger P-series very well (not a knock... i love my P90). Don't buy it if you think it's too much. Bottom line is, if you think it's worth it, you'll end up with a high quality pistol. Most 1911's are more expensive than an HK. You don't hear people complaining about those. There's so much HK hate going around and it's stupid. Their customer service gets a lot of crap, but go over to hkpro and ask how their CS is (admittedly biased opinion perhaps?)

It just gets old... lots of stories get repeated and for no reason. If it's really that bad, then share your OWN PERSONAL STORY... not something you read online and regurgitated here on the message board.
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wrong choice of words i guess

Well, This thread definitely didn't turn out how I thought it would. What was truly meant was, is the HK line worth the extra 200+ price tag? In no way was there meant to be a complain or anything. It was simple curiosity about the quality and whether or not it is worth the cash. I think a couple of peeps just need to chill and realize that others' opinions really shouldn't matter. Unless of course there are some security issues. Then I guess those peeps are exempt, but really we are all here for the same reason. To support the 2nd amendment and talk about our firearms and our experiences. Anyways thanks for all the replies and opinions it is much appreciated.
In my opinion the extra bucks buys you a pretty darned good weapon in terms of quality, reliability and performance.

It does NOT buy you extra good customer service, however, so that reliability sure as hell better be good!

In my experience with them, they almost never break. But when they DO break, it's a royal pain in the rear trying to get HK to do something about it.
I think a couple of peeps just need to chill and realize that others' opinions really shouldn't matter.
My daddy always said, "Don't ask a question if you don't really want the answer!" Remember, you did ask the question!
any and all comments and opinions welcome.
So don't tell me (and I realize you weren't talking to me specifically) you want my opinion and then tell me to "chill" when you don't like what I have to say!

I'd love to see the USP series dropped to about $500 now that the "sexy new" P30's and HK45's are out.
The Universal Self-loading Pistol is Heckler und Koch's flagship handgun, they will never lower its price.
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Bottom line is, if you think it's worth it, you'll end up with a high quality pistol.

Which doesn't address the question that was asked, because you can get a high-quality pistol for substantially less. The OP asked if the price was "fair" or in line with what other comparable products cost. For instance, is an HK P30 worth the price premium over a Glock 17? No. They're both intended as service pistols, and the HK does not fill the role of service pistol any better. Sorry. You may like it more, and that's great, but once you open the "I like it more" door, there's still a whole bunch of plastic autochuckers that will provide similar desired features and quality at a lesser price.

If you want the cachet of the HK logo, then you pay the extra couple hundred bucks. Otherwise, they charge a lot for what you get.

Not that I can complain, considering how much I've sunk into Colt revolvers over the years. But I don't labor under any delusion whatsoever that a Colt Python is a better shooter than a tuned 686. They'll get compliments at the range, though.
For a polymer pistol, it is way too much. I own two USP's. A USP40F, and a USP40c. I bought them at the same time.

They offer nothing over Glock or the M&P except for a higher price, more expensive magazines, more expensive parts, and an over hyped name. Kind of like Browning.

For what they offer versus the competition-They are not worth the price.
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