HK is it fair?

pricey or not?

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Having owned Glock, Ruger, and HK, I prefer the HK without a doubt. Customer service is second to none in my experience. I had a finish problem with a new USP 45c a few years back and they sent me a brand new gun inside of 10 days. I guess each person has a different story.
My HKs have never failed, always have been more accurate than I am as a shooter, etc, etc. For totally biased opinions go to and ask your question.
To make a long post even longer; yes, I think it is fair. If you haven't already, shoot some various models of the HK and see for yourself. That's the least you can do to answer your own question.
Golden Corral is fine for steak but I had rather go to a Ruth's Chris Steak House when I can afford it.
Blah. I get so tired of this crap. Waaaaa I can't afford an HK so let's crap all over them. Get over it. I love my P7 and my P2000sk was awesome... i traded it in b/c I figured I just didn't need two 9mm pistols, but I'm regretting it now.

What I could bear to read in that article was a bunch of crap. Mk23 costs a lot... yeah, it wasn't designed to be an affordable option. Their pistols cost twice as much as others? Really? I got a P2000 under $800, my P7 was ~$600... so that means we're looking at a sub-$400/300 pistol. What quality subcompact is sub-$400?

Are they worth the money? I dunno. I haven't ever regretting paying what I did for an HK. You can get a $300 Ruger that'll never fail either... just depends what you're looking for. you can't conceal a Ruger P-series very well (not a knock... i love my P90). Don't buy it if you think it's too much. Bottom line is, if you think it's worth it, you'll end up with a high quality pistol. Most 1911's are more expensive than an HK. You don't hear people complaining about those. There's so much HK hate going around and it's stupid. Their customer service gets a lot of crap, but go over to hkpro and ask how their CS is (admittedly biased opinion perhaps?)

It just gets old... lots of stories get repeated and for no reason. If it's really that bad, then share your OWN PERSONAL STORY... not something you read online and regurgitated here on the message board.


HK Hates you too. However feel free to buy their product.

I have noting against $300-$400, reliable firearms. I have a P3AT that has over a 500rds through it without a FTF, FTE mine has been steller, and my Stoeger Cougar with over a 1000rds, fit and finish is as good as the Beretta Cougar that preceded it and just as reliable


I have $500-$600 pistols that are uber reliable too. Glock OD G19, S&W MPc 9mm


HK makes a reliable firearm but NOTHING you can't buy elsewhere less expensive and JUST as reliable.

AND as accurate:

BTW ARs don't melt like the XM8 does.

My Kimber CDP Pro was in the HK price range but I got craftsmanship instead of injected polymer frame

Heck I can mix and match & make my own 1911 that is more accurate and cost me less money than most HK Poly guns

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Oh god no.

Oh hell freakin no.

They are not worth the money. Go ahead and try to justify it, tell yourself it's an "offensive handgun", tell yourself that the detractors are simply jealous and obviously too poor to own such quality. Go ahead, post pictures of your shiny HK on forums and prepare to be the big man on the interweb.

From a purely anecdotal standpoint, every single H und K owner I have ever met couldn't shoot their pistol worth crap.
I haven't personally shot one but a range report from two brothers who have was very disappointing. They were shooting a P2000 and specifically mentioned a terrible trigger and a "sloppy" feel especially for a gun in that price range.

I suspect no.
These threads never end well. If you don't like it don't buy it. Simple as that.
These threads never end well. If you don't like it don't buy it. Simple as that.

The OP's question is fair. It has less to do with "not liking it" and more to do with attempting to understand where HK sits on the value-to-cost scale. I don't think that's unreasonable.

I'm considering an HK45 as my next purchase, but I understand that it's overpriced for what it is. (Unfortunately, there aren't many fully ambidextrous full-size .45s with a light DAO type trigger available.)
I know of one HK that has stood the test of time and is still only around 600 bucks and you are getting a 1500 dollar pistol with that 600. The P7 PSP continues to be one of the very best values in the gun arena.


I really dont have much of an opinion on the rest of the HK line past or present. I kind of like the USPs more than the HK45 or the P30. I still have not tried the P2000SK but want to dearly. All in all really though I think they are a better value than a Kimber. But probably not a Springfield Mil-Spec. They are probably equal in value to a Glock, Springfield, or M&P. If you can afford one or the other just get it and dont gripe about the others. I really think Kimbers are a lousy value when Springfield Loaded's enter the fray. I think Sigs are a horrendous value compared to Glocks and their copycats. Sigs should top out around 750 but they creep into the thousands. The list goes on. I could bring Benelli into this discussion as well and how your money is so much better spent elsewhere but.....
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I can't speak for the rest of their weapons, but I really, really like the HK45. The ergonomics made it feel like they developed it just for my hand. I shoot this better than any other handgun I have had the chance to use. The reliability is excellent, with no failures after 1k+ rounds.

Was it worth the extra price? Yes. I would have paid more.

Had this been made by another manufacturer I would have bought it too.

I would advise to look at specific firearms more than a brand. If you find a gun that you just shoot better (for whatever reasons), and it happens to cost more, do yourself a favor and get it and be happy. Why compromise a few hundred dollars for a weapon you'll probably keep for the rest of your life and spend more on ammo feeding it?
About 25 years ago I sold cars at a VW, Audi and Porsche dealership. Of course people buying cars usually have lots of questions, but the one question NEVER asked by someone buying a Porsche was, "Is it worth it?"

If you have to ask "Is it worth it?" then it probably isn't worth it... to you!

About 25 years ago I sold cars at a VW, Audi and Porsche dealership

Golden Corral is fine for steak but I had rather go to a Ruth's Chris Steak House when I can afford it.

HK isn't Ruth's Chris or Porche. That would be Korth or Manurhin. This is the disconnect. People credit HK a level of quality that it doesn't deserve. There's no more refinement or hand fitting in an HK than in a Glock or a Sig. There's no one working on the line at HK who spent decades working their way up from sweeping the floors to apprenticeship to becoming a master craftsman that takes pride in building your particular gun.

HK builds a high-quality appliance that serves its intended role admirably. But so do other people who charge you a couple hundred bucks less.

The analogs for Ruth's Chris and Porche simply aren't warranted.
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I do just fine with my USP. Have not regretted the purchase. It definitely is not a gun for everyone.

I don't see what the big gripe is with HK. There are pricier guns (*cough* Kimber). Nobody argues that HKpistols are well designed, reliable weapons. Handguns are such a personal choice. I like the way the USP fits me and I like the way it functions. I love the mag release lever. There are dozens of sufficiently reliable, well-made guns but this one happens to suit me better.
I've been shooting HK since 1985. That was long before the Internet, where the hype really began, and where it became stylish for Internet types to slam the brand. I shot the guns not knowing about any cache, and little about the brand, but judged the guns on how they shot/performed. I knew that they were expensive but the performance justified the cost. I only came to the Internet for guns in the past four years and here I find that there is this whole debate going on, one that I settled long ago based on my experiences shooting a brand of gun for a quarter of a century. I'm glad that I was able to make up my own mind before hearing the opinions of so many, many whose experience seems limited to possibly dry firing one or holding one in a gun shop. I depend upon two HK pistols on a daily basis without hesitation or concern. I'm not a fanboy nor do I have a horse in this race as I know what works for and have built a history with the brand that allows me to make that choice caring little if any about the opinions of others, other than for pure entertainment value.

Are they worth it? To me they are worth every penny, and at times in my life I scrimped and saved to have an HK. I couldn't care less about what others think of what I shoot. The guns perform for me 100%, and, I am quite capable with them, thank you very much.
Boy, what an interesting thread this is.....

I used to hunt with an older gentleman who carried a Browning A5- He could have carried a less-expensive gun, but believed that Browning was the best, and often said when you buy the best, you have better performance, less chance of problems, etc. Of course, I never saw that Browning fail in 30+ years of use, and he used to remind those of us hunting with him, carrying our single barrel and pump guns that he had paid $118. for his Browning in, maybe 1960?

I guess I don't think HK guns are overpriced in that I believe they are among the best available. That is my opinion, and it drives my willingness to pay a higher price. I would pay the extra fact, there is a nice, used 9mm compact under a certain gun counter right now that I am thinking about....
I don't have any of their pistols but do have a couple of their overpriced rifles and carbines. Yes I think they are overpriced (especially extra magazines etc.), but they do work well. My main carry pistols are BHP's, which you could also argue are overpriced, but they work pretty well also.
No, I do not believe the price is fair. I don't care for them either. If you're just looking for a gun and don't really care what brand it is I would disregard Heckler & Koch if I were you. BUT if you're a gun nut or a collector... I guess the price doesn't matter because you're not gonna rest until you own every gun anyway.

The materials that the guns consist of do not justify their prices, it's the exact opposite. Is there a U.S.A Mfg plant or are all H&K arms fabricated & assembled in Germany then imported from Germany? This effort may hike up the prices but not by a few hundred dollars per gun.

I'd say H&K is simply hiking up their prices because they know enough people are willing to pay the price. Same reason why S&W has high prices. They're just taking advantage, because they know they are fashionable therefore they are in demand. Either that or they just can't compete. Their prices may be high simply to compensate for a lack of sales.
H&K's are not cheap, but they function more reliably than any other brand.

ever heard of a Glock?

(they cost the same as H&K's, if you include the cost of a new holster, some nice after-market sights, an extra mag or two, and 1000rds of ammo!)

i've owned a USP, a USP compact, a P2000, and a P30... none is as good as a glock, they're gone and i don't miss them...
for me its as simple as this...

can you purchase a high quality gun for less? ---- yes

when it comes to defending your life and your family do you want a "high quality gun" or the "highest quality gun" ?

for me the best guns ive ever owned have been Hks...

ive got over 60k + rounds through my .45 usp compact - with Zero Failures...

one part in the gun broke at about 54000 rounds... (it was the flat spring that allowed for single action shooting... the gun still functioned flawlessly in double action)

so the price is justified if you want the best typically you have to pay for it...

at least i know that im not spending my money on the gun manufacturers advertising ie... kimber etc....

ps and as for the offensive gun label that was only 1 HK (the MK23 Socom) and mines at 34000 rounds without a cleaning and still running flawlessly how many other guns can say that?
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