HK SL8/G36 differences?

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Dec 27, 2010
Besides obvious cosmetic changes, what all is different, specifically:

Takedown/stripping- does it use the cross pin system?

Charging handle - The handle can be positioned on the left or right like G36?

Sight compatibility - can you mount a milspec red dot on it?

Stocks - Do the G36 style stocks for them fold?

Finally, are they worth the price? I would not mind the price point if I could get it more like the milspec version, sadly our government is on crack.
SL8s are different enough that converting one to be like a mil spec G36 will cost near what you paid for the rifle. My brother looked into converting his and decided that he could SBR his AR and buy a can for less money. Not that he did that... cause that would be cool. Shoot him a pm he is James2133 on here. I will tell him to keep an eye out. He can give you the details you are looking for.
Yeah not looking to buy, yet. Just getting some opinions- I can buy a cheapo shooter now or over the summer earn enough to get one. But when I'm in the market I'll shoot him a PM, no pun intended haha
Like my brother said I spent a LOT of time looking at this project and to answer your questions
1) the sl8 uses a combination of the G36 take down pins(One on the hand guard and one at the mag well) the difference comes in the two screws(one on either side) that hold the one piece lower and but stock on.
2)the charging handle set up is the same.
3) as far as sights go the SL8 will take any of the G36 sight/rail combos and also take any sight that fits on a mil-spec rail.
4)This is where it gets sticky... there are a few ways to go about doing a stock conversion. first is a stock block conversion. This requires a $350 part (
G36 lower and other parts for it to work. I am not sure if this conversion requires the 922r compliant parts.
The second and more popular(if you can afford it) is to buy a de-milled rear half of a g36 from HKPARTS and contact Copstixkid or tbostic on and they will do some scary chopping to your receiver and plastic weld the hinge from the G36 to the SL8. The last time I talked to Chop about doing mine the labor alone for the receiver work was around $800 but he does awesome work.
Over all the conversion was going to cost about $2500- $3000 to have a 16" barreled G36k
If you get serious about an Sl8 project head to and search their forum there is a ton of info and those guy know all there is to know about HK
james2123 said:
I am not sure if this conversion requires the 922r compliant parts.
If you make an imported "sporting rifle" capable of accepting "non sporting" magazines, it must comply with 922r.
If you convert an imported "sporting rifle" into a rifle whose configuration would have been barred from importation, it must comply with 922r.
my understanding is that if you permanently alter the receiver, as in cutting the receiver to accept a lager mag or alter the back half it must be compliant. Seeing as the stock block is a bolt on I am not sure if it is required. The mag well swap is a whole other can of worms because it requires you to mill the receiver. There are 20 round single stack mags out there that work in a stock SL8 and do not require the rifle to be 922r compliant as no mods were done to the rifle. As I said said above Im not sure if it is required and it would be best to ask the people in the know before doing so.
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james2123 said:
here are 20 round single stack mags out there that work in a stock SL8 and do not require the rifle to be 922r compliant as no mods were done to the rifle.
The use of such without making the rifle 922r compliant is a federal felony.

It's the same situation as using a 30-round Surefire mag in a factory Saiga. Surefire mags require no mods to the Saiga to work.

You are "making the rifle capable of accepting a 'non sporting' magazine" by possessing such a magazine.
Gus McCrae said:
nalioth said:
The use of such without making the rifle 922r compliant is a federal felony.
Can you cite the US Code please
Nope, because some of it's not part of the US Code.

It's part of the "we (as Congress) will shovel off all the responsibility for gun laws on to the AG's office, and never have to make another gun law" law.

The GCA of '68 says only "sporting purpose" guns can be imported.

The AG's office says that magazines over 10 rounds are "non sporting" and rifles and shotguns can't be imported with the ability to use same.

There are also a list of "evil features" and a "ruling" that long guns can't be imported with more than one of these "evil parts"

All of the above is covered by the following =>
[T.D. ATF-270, 53 FR 10494, Mar. 31, 1988]

Sec. 478.39 Assembly of semiautomatic rifles or shotguns.

(a) No person shall assemble a semiautomatic rifle or any shotgun
using more than 10 of the imported parts listed in paragraph (c) of this
section if the assembled firearm is prohibited from importation under
section 925(d)(3) as not being particularly suitable for or readily
adaptable to sporting purposes.

This stuff has been discussed ad nauseum here and on most every other gun forum. Ignore it at your peril.
Besides 922r and all other codes, I wonder if it is worth it. I shot a few of the real Mc Coys and don't think that the G36 can do much that the AR15/M4rgery cannot do.

^ Think so? Maybe.

I'm looking at getting some .223/5.56 rifle, but I don't want an AR platform. Thus this led me to the SL8/G36, the G36 being one of the few current issue military guns I have handled. I liked the ergonomics, the clip together feature and the charging handle is ingenious. Besides that, the overall look is pretty cool.

I think if I am to get an SL8, I'll definitely look for a good bargain. Probably will do the stock conversion last, get all the other stuff out of the way. I would personally keep the 20" barrel it has, modify the gun to take double stack, and get all the g36 parts besides the stock and get that put together. Then again I also have other rifles I'm looking at.
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