horizontal magazine pouch

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Sep 22, 2012
Does anyone know where I might find more of these?

Below is a picture of a belt with a magazine pouch that is made of heavy ballistic nylon with a hook & loop closure, and belt loops that allow the pouch to be put on the belt horizontally.

This pouch is from something else, and is not available without its normal contents that I don't need more of.

This little pouch fits a single 1911 magazine nearly perfectly, and securely closes the end so the contents are not apparent.

Thanks for looking. 20200425_103859b.jpg
That looks like a multi tool pouch, and depending on the brand some of them sell replacements for pretty cheap. I put gerber multi tool replacement sheath in google and got a lot of hits, ranging in price from $9 up to $70 for high end stuff. I have a similar pouch to yours (that I do the same thing with) that came with a gerber tool and unfortunately I can't remember which model tool it was.
Leatherman also sells replacement pouches. This one appears to have the extra loops for horizontal carry but the ad doesn't say one way or the other. Its currently $7.50 and I think if a leatherman supertool fits in it that it would fit a 1911 mag.
They make, I think four sizes.
I've had one for mt 1911, since I've had a 1911. Lol
It wraps around your belt and secures with Velcro.
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Thanks to all for your ideas.
Since this is for CCW, it needs to be discrete. Leather is often heavy, bulky, and rigid, not to mention "tactical" looking. I looked at Safariland/Bianchi, without luck. The multitool angle is interesting, but getting proper dimensions and the horizontal belt loop orientation seems to be problematic.
I did however find a pouch from Raine "Horizontal Knife Sheath" for folding knives up to 5.5 inches in length. I ordered one to try from Amazon for $11.50. I'll let you all know how it works out when it arrives. Other ideas welcome.
The one pictured in the op is the pouch that comes with the Steel Stick rib spreader from Outdoor Edge. (I didn't want to say that up front since it is not available separately, and it is less than perfect. While the steel stick is a really great tool for hunters, it looks like it may have been discontinued anyway.
EC7BE2D0-A713-4028-861F-4B1691C235A3.png I have seen hard plastic ones on e bay. They are specific to each mag. I keep thinking that I need one.
I have seen hard plastic ones on e bay. They are specific to each mag. I keep thinking that I need one.
That's not what the OP is looking for, he wants a nylon pouch. However, if you are looking for recommendations for a horizontal kydex mag pouch, you could start another thread and we could give you some recommendations.
OK, the Raine "Horizontal Knife Sheath" for folding knives up to 5.5 inches in length will work, but it too is not quite ideal.
It will fit the 1911 mag, but it is VERY snug. Also, the bottom 1 inch of the mag is visible from the top. This might not be so bad with a blued mag. The sheath seems to be well made from good quality materials. I'll keep it, and keep looking. Thanks
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