How I fell in love with my first (1911)

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Feb 2, 2009
When I first got into handguns I was young, didn’t have a lot of money, and didn’t really know exactly what I wanted. A friend of mine suggested I start with a revolver. I went out and bought a Colt King Cobra and fell in love with .357 revolvers. Over the next several years I managed to acquire a Python, a couple of Smiths some Rossis etc. It made all the since in the world and I could run the expensive .357 or the cheap .38 special ammo through them.

When Texas starting issuing CHL licenses I realized that needed to qualify with a semi auto in order to carry both. So I went out a bought a Glock 17 and, surprise, surprise, fell in love with 9mm pistols. Over the years I have acquired several 9mm pistols really found myself more satisfied with the full size steel frame varieties. Maybe that came from my revolver days. I have a couple of CZs that I love and I cherish my BHP. For some reason I only stuck with 9mm thought. It made since right, all these autos and only one size ammo to worry about.

Then just last week I was at a gun & pawn shop I frequent and just like I normally do I walked right by the 1911 section over to where the compact guns were. I wanted to check out a Kel-Tek PF-9. Right next to that section is the used gun case where the manager was labeling up a Springfield Armory 1911 Loaded Combat. I told him the gun was beautiful and he handed it to me. As I was fondling it I told him I’ve never owned a 1911 and really didn’t know a whole lot about them. He gave me a nice overview of the features of 1911s in general and what that gun had that was considered upgrades. He told me it just came off pawn and I could take it for $600 bucks. Then I did something I normally never ever do. With no research and no knowledge, I said sold. It just seemed like a good price, looked and felt so good in my hand, something inside me just said take it.

On the way home I didn’t have buyer’s remorse but I was a little trepidatious about the purchase just because I didn’t know squat about the gun. I posted a thread here asking for general opinions of the gun and had a question about the Brazil stamping on it. I am so appreciative of this forum and all the knowledgeable folks who take the time to read and respond to messages when someone has a question.

I finally had a chance to try my first 1911 on Saturday morning. I must say it shoots like a dream. And for anyone who actually read all my rambling you won’t be surprised to find that over the 4th of July weekend I fell in love with my SA 1911. The big problem I having now is what to get next.

The big problem I having now is what to get next.
45acp ammo, lots of it.

You did great, Springfield has a lifetime warranty on their guns so if you ever do have problems they will fix it on their buck. And $600 is a very good deal.

Beautiful gun by the way.
Very pretty pistol, I like the polished and blacked out look.

I love 1911's, the more different .45acp pistols I shoot the more I like the 1911. Although I havn't shot a CZ yet.:D
Congratulations. That is sweet.
I'm contemplating a 1911 myself. See my post titled 'Reconsidering a 1911 (Again)'.
The big problem I having now is what to get next.

45acp ammo, lots of it.

Might I suggest saving up your cash, forgoing that next pistol, and getting into reloading. From the sound of it, you're going to need a lot of ammo.

Congrats on a pretty gun at a good price. 1911s are a sickness, I tell ya.
Might I suggest saving up your cash, forgoing that next pistol, and getting into reloading

Oh, I learned about the true cost of ownership (guns, cars, kids) years ago. It's the consumables that really get you. I bought 500 rounds of Walmart white box right after I bought the gun. I shot half that up over the weekend.

I looked in to reloading a while back and could never really make the math work out to where it was vastly cheaper than buying the Walmart cheap stuff. That was always on 9mm though. .45 being more expensive might be a different story. Have you guys run the numbers on that?
Have you guys run the numbers on that?

Of course! But my numbers will be different than your numbers. It all depends on what you buy and how much. Lead is cheaper than jacketed. 5000+ primers will be cheaper than buying 1k each month from the local guy. Brass is the most expensive part, but you can load it 5-10 times if you're on the conservative side of the scale.

If you're serious, price stuff in your area and use this chart: Link

Good prices on powder/primers can be had here:

Bullets are best from a local caster (anytime you don't have to ship boxes of lead you end up being ahead!). Talk to your local reloaders...they'll know where to go.

Image below is what my .45 ACP costs. Primers are killing me. Bought 15k the other day....$400 ($28/k). Factory price taken from Midway as I couldn't tell you the price of store bought .45. It's been that long since I've bought any.


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Please be advised that there is NO 12 step program for 1911 addiction.It will only get worse. Hi my name is (insert your name) I'm hooked on 1911's.
Very nice, and you got a good deal too! Welcome to the 1911 addiction!
What to get next?

Probably whatever the next screaming deal you run across is. (and ammo, and more ammo)
The sickness begins...They are like Lay's Potato Chips, you can't have just one.
very true

hahaha yes it is a sickness....i have it too...i also fell in love with my first 1911. 5 years ago i bought my first 1911, a kimber custom classic for i think 650. it was used but not in bad shape. and it is a tack driver too. i do not shoot at paper i prefer cans and bottles. i put 5 of 8 rounds in the same beer bottle shooting uphill at about 15 to 17 yards. drilled a bunch of olive cans down hill at about 15 yards. and that was the first time i ever shot the thing. the 1911 is a joy no matter who made it. you can always tune it up. guide rods,trigger adjustments,spring rate adjustments,ejectors,feed ramp polishing. it never ends ...just have fun and buy lots of ammo....the tin cans are calling!!!:)
Nice try on inventing a new word......trepidatious. :D

good writeup nevertheless, and a nice aquistition too.
I have the same gun-only the target version. You got a great deal on a great gun.

When I got home I was looking at all the Loaded versions on the SA website and that Target version is really cool. I'd rather have that but I'm not complaining. I guess the thing I'm learning in reading all these 1911 threads is you can pretty much turn them into whatever you want.
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