How often do you do an inventory check?

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Oct 20, 2011
Question how often do you do an inventory check on your supplies every month three months six month once a year I am just curious as to how y'all keep track of your components
I only really keep tabs on three things : w231, H4895, and .308 jacketed projectiles. I check the levels about....every day I walk into my reloading room.

The rest is pretty much come and go, but not critical. Those 3 things are critical.
It's funny someone mentioned this, cause I'm probably one of most anal about inventory, too many years of working retail I guess?

This is what I do. Every time I use a component, powder, primers or bullets, I adjust the inventory accordingly as follows:

I maintain a physical inventory sheet, so each time I load a batch I subtract the number of grains, primers, and bullets that were used from that running total. And each I time I purchase inventory, I add that number count to my total. It's easy and only takes a minute to keep track of my inventory.

I love being able to just open my book and know with certainty how much I have of each component. I also use a sharpie and write the number of grains remaining on each powder canister.

I do a hard inventory once a year. I go through and write down all the components, tools, and ammo I have on hand. On a separate sheet I notate what I want/need more of. Usually around the first week of February.

Despite memory problems, I can remember fairly well things related to firearms. Can't remember my favorite TV channels, anniversaries, or birthdays. But I know exactly how many rounds of factory .45 I have.
I keep my records on MyGunDB. When I use components I adj my count. This software also keeps up with round count (inventory) for maintenance.

GS, Very good idea on keeping up with grs used vs trying to estimate lbs.
No inventories!

After years in retail and many more administering warehouses, I don't bring my work home with me.
I 'inventory' when I begin wondering if I have what I want. NOt enough? Buy more.

"Just In Time Inventory" at its most basic.

I'm with gamestalker. I have kept a spreadsheet with cases, bullets, and powder. Every couple of years I do a complete inventory.
When I use up something (say I load 100 rounds) I have a note pad that I use to add this amount of primers/propellant/projectiles used. When I get to a place that I have enough listed to order I do. I also will just purchase something to add onto stock if I find a good deal and realize that it is something I use a lot of. Like .22 ammo for many many years in a row when what I used was on sale.;)
I usually check my inventory after I ordered or purchased somthing. I shop by "whats on sale" as I cant pass up a good deal. I have accumulated an overstock of some componets while others are running dry. I just adjust my shooting habits, or loads, as needed. I have plenty of lead and molds to make up for any incompetence I may have in keeping a good inventory of bullets on hand.

When I see I'm running low I order more. Seems to work.

Pretty much sums it up for me, but then again as much as I shoot I always know what is on hand and what my inventory of components is.
I keep a spreadsheet of all my components and quantities. Every time I reload, I reduce by what I used. Whenever I buy components or sort my brass, I increase my components. A must have for reloading multiple calibers with different components.

I also log my ammo. I keep four calibers in inventory ready to use. I use a similar spreadsheet to ensure I have a ~3 month supply of all calibers on hand with normal trips to the range.
I do not do an "official" inventory.

When I reload, I check at what I have in inventory and purchase accordingly.
Same here.
I don't inventory, and never have.

When I get close to low, I buy more.

Up until the last two years when I couldn't.

But, I haven't got low yet.
And stuff is coming back.

I keep track of my bank account and when it is stocked up I see what I need...but honestly I always load til I run out of something so I just order what I ran out of last. The last year or so has been hard on me. Between major home issues, vehicle issues, single income family in the midst, and now the purchase of a rental property funds have been my weakest link. I'm building back up a bit and will be able to buy bullets soon but I'm also nearly out of powder and primers. It's too disappointing to take inventory on anything other than brass and loaded rounds that are dwindling. I know I am getting some stuff for birthday and Christmas though so I will be back in the swing sooner than later...but I still have a rental house to get ready to start making me some extra cash.
Funny this topic came up- I just set up a PostgreSQL database with LibreOffice Base as a front-end, for a reloading log. Included in this, is a powder inventory which will (eventually) automagically keep track of approximately how much powder I have left... I can just as easily track my bullet and primer consumption but I'm not sure if I'll go that far.

As far as the other components go- I buy more when I either feel like doing so or I start to think I'm getting uncomfortably low.
Over the last 4 or 5 years, I've been buying components when I see them on the shelf. I would much rather have more than I need, than to not have what I need, or have to go searching for it when I need it. For a while there RL19 and 22 seemed to be a myth, but all other powders and primers have been pretty easy to find locally.

As for my reasoning for keeping an inventory log, I think I just enjoy the whole accounting aspect of it. It's kind of cool though, cause despite the fact that I might have 8 or 10 pounds of one specific powder, with each having been purchased at a different retail, I can quickly know the average cost per grain for that powder, or what ever component.

I finally set up a spreadsheet for my primers and powder because I couldn't find what I had.:) I keep them in separate closets all over the house, usually 10K of primers or an 8# jug of powder to a stash. I have recently started removing it from my spreadsheet when I take out a 1K box of primers, or refill my 1# using can from an 8# jug. That is as close as I need it.
All my bullets are stacked on 2x8's across the bottom of my loading bench. When I see that I have just opened the last carton of 4K or 3.750K I order a new supply the next time I think of it.
My reloading is pretty simple. Like splattergun, after being a CPA for more than fifty years, I don't want to spend time thinking about numbers.
When I am running low on something I order more. When the order arrives I build another shelf to put it in. One of these days I will either run out of wall in my basement or time on my clock.
Once every few weeks I take an informal inventory when I finish a reloading session. I go into my LGS often enough so when I see something on sale like primers, I grab a box. Powder I like to keep a least a few pounds on hand for each of my favorites.
I have a running inventory in my head.

Lead for casting - I'm out, so I just ordered 25lbs

Powders - as with everyone - I'm out of Universal, got 2.5lbs of Tite group,
1lb Accurate #5, 1/2lb of Varget, 3/4lb of Accurate #2, 1lb LilGun, 1/4lb HP38, a little Unique & a little Bullseye.

Primers of various sizes - currently have 12,500SPM, 5,300 SP, 5,000LP, 1200SR

If yr talkin loaded ammo, I don't plan ahead much.
I load it as I have bullets, powder, time & need.
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