How to make a slamfire SG

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You can make a bolt rifle slam fire if you want to by adjusting the trigger and then you won't even need to slam the bolt, just closing it will fire, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea.
By slam-fire, I was assuming you mean if you hold the trigger back and pump the slide, it fill fire?

That is not a slam-fire.
A slam-fire indicates the gun ND's when you close the action violently, with no other action on your part.

However older designs like the Winchester 97 & Itheca 37 would fire if you pumped them with the trigger held back.

Modern shotguns have a disconnector in the trigger linkage, and that is what stops them from working that way.

Remove the disconnecter from the trigger group. However, don't do it with a semiauto as it will shoot full auto. Sort of against the federal law. Really simple. I have an acquaintance that removed the disconnecter from a Mini-14 and spent 5 years on a federal vacation.
Questions like this are why you can't just advise a newbie to buy the first used 870 or 500 they run across without knowing how to look for gunbutchery by a previous owner.

It's a shame, too.

If it's a manually operated gun, the manual cycling of the action becomes the trigger, if it's a semi-auto, you become a felon.
RC, really?? Now I am intrigued. There isn't a spring on the firing pin on the 500(a)'s to stop that. I guess I can be glad I don't slam my action closed then:)
SOME early model pump shotguns would do that, like the 1897 and Mdl 12 Winchesters and some early Ithaca 37's.

Can it be done to a modern pump like the the Rem 870/Mossy 5xx? Yes

Good Idea? No

Any practical value? None that I can find.

Have shot an OLD Ithaca 37 that would 'fire on close with trigger held back', but I wasn't accurate, and the first couple of times, I though the gun was seriously broken.
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Not all Ithaca 37's have this function. In the mid-1970's it became an option for law enforcement purchases, but the standard versions got a disconnect.

LAPD, for example, got their 37's with the disconnect at that time.
I've owned, fired, and handled many Ithaca 37's. I never saw one with a disconnector. Recently, I shot one made within the last 5 years, and it too lacked this device. I understand that the I-87 made by one of the now defunct buyers of Ithaca had the disconnector.
Do it with a semi auto and a extension tube. Its called muzzle rise and by the time you empty it you will have shot everything but what you intended to hit. If you want full auto, get a full auto shotgun that was designed for it.
Loosecannon, The response I got from Sid Cleveland at Ithaca Gun when I asked about a 1970's vintage DSPS I had purchased a few years ago -

"Yes, this gun was built with disconnect as the transition was made in 1975-76. It was offered after that only as an option to law enforcement agencies."
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