hunting and fishing in western nc

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Jun 30, 2007
well im moving to the other end of the state from the beach tot he mountains for school (waynesville to be exact).

whats the hunting like there? so far ive picked up its hilly, bigger deer, colder temps, smaller bear and a shorter deer season

what are the public lands like?

hows the fly fishing? i need to pick up a new rd since myine was broken during a move about 6 years ago and i ahvent been since so im gonna pick up a cabelas fly rod i ahve alot of gear just no rod other than an orvis rod i inherited

are there alot of catch and release streams? how about hatchery supported streams?

i plan to pick up a a new set of stream maps when i get there but havent yet

anyone know of any outdoor stores there either hunting or fishing?
Looks to me like you'll be next door the the Smokey Mountain National Park. Check out some info for there, or even check your department of game and inland fisheries website, should give you some information for the county/city/area about hunting and streams.

I would, but my computer decided to catch a virus, which in return, disables any search engine.
bummer yeah im getting on and off the computer when i take breaks from packing trying to get clothes guns fishing gear furniture and hunting gear packed by thursday is kinda hard my bronco and my parents path finder will be filled and im only taking 2 bags of clothes
Better and bigger deer in the ne part of nc for sure. Lots of bear in different area's over here though and you can find a 400lber regularly. Fishing can be great ,just a learning curve like all things. Don't over look the easy to pass, overgrown, little tinny creeks for darn big fish. Got one of those in my yard with some whoopers in it. Catfish and bass can be found in the rivers. Places to shot suck. There are a couple indoor ranges with the best in asheville ,Ontarget. Rifle ranges are darn near not to be found. One down your way on state land. Good gun shop west of town on 74, can't remember the name. Hunting??? Hope you have some goat in you, you will need it. Deer hunting is aaa, harder here . Not much farm land so you need to bait or plant after finding a warm spot. Mast crops can be hit and miss like anywhere. Cooler weather is allways nice for early season hunting and not to bad through the end of season. Need some cold weather/wet gear but colder after season closes. Get a bow if you don't allready own one. If you hunt it is a requirement. Where you going to school at WCU?
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hardluk haywood cc its the only school other than state that still has wildlife management in nc

what are the public lands like?
Some areas are busy at times but theres a heck of a lot of it. Don't know that area well so maybe you can get some ride alongs with a area ranger or biologist and learn more about your new area.. Well have'n legs and lungs like lance armstrong would help. Just need lots of endurance really. Grab a NC atlas and gazetteer from wall mart great map to work with a gps and it will show almost ever road in the state and elevations and changes.
k thanks i think ill make a few calls to the local rangers and ask

will i need to get a trout stamp or what ever it is?
There is a trout license for ten bucks for some waters but you can also get the 40 dollar sportsmans license and that should cover all but coastal and beyound.
I own a place in Wilkes Co. Good numbers of deer, but not as many as the eastern part of the state. Bigger though. Good bears in the right area. LOTS of Turkeys. Tiny trout.....

thanks alot guys i gotta gobuy books and sign my lease then i think im gonna go fishing with my pop

thanks alot
Hope that school thing works out. Capitalization in your writing would be a great place to start if you are looking to be a professional in wildlife management.
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you will like waynesville. plenty of fishing and hunting. lots of fly fishing. one of my favorite spots in the carolinas. I live in NW SC and go to NC as often as i can..
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I go to app state. I can say public land pretty much sucks. I'm a senior now and if I could go back I would say to work hard at finding someone that will let you hunt there land. If you are willing to put the time and lots of effort walking you could do ok on game lands. The fishing side is much more promising. Just ask around and you can start to find some good spots pretty fast.
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If western NC is anything like eastern TN, you will find that there aren't many deer unless you spend your time in the lower elevation areas where there is farm land and other things to eat. Turkey, yes. Bear, yes if you have some billy goat in ya.
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