I am in love. (S&W Model 15)

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Jul 16, 2008
Ashe Co, NC and Gastonia NC
Must say that my new S&W that I traded out of layaway is

a) A beauty
b) a wonderful shoot
c) accurate as heck (it even makes me look like a good shot :what:)
d) .38 specials out of a Kframe is just FUN. a nice recoil that lets you know its been shot, but no flinch inducing recoil.

I am truely impressed with it. It already my fav gun to shoot and I got a group of six that is quarter sized at 21 feet. :D

Now I need to hunt down a digital camera since I am a luddite who only has film cameras.

Model 15-3 :D

(Me thinks that I have two guns I own now that I love, the S&W model 15 and the Browning Hi Power)
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I like the K-38 Combat Masterpiece/Model 15 alot, the first pistol I ever shot when I was little was a .38 Special Combat Masterpiece.

This is my K-38 Combat Masterpiece that was shipped in 1950.

I believe it was 1957 that S&W went to model numbers and they became the Model 15.

Now I have a Tyler T-Grip installed and it looks and feels pretty good on it.


My K-frame collection, top left K-38 Masterpiece, shipped in 1954, top right Model 19 no dash, shipped in 1959, middle left K-38 Combat Masterpiece, shipped in 1950, middle right Model 19-2, shipped in 1965, bottom K-22 Masterpiece, shipped in 1952.

The Combat Masterpiece was the fore runner of the .357 Combat Magnum/Model 19, which was introduced in 1955. S&W installed a heavy barrel, thicker yoke and heat treated cylinder and the Combat Magnum was born.
My model 14's and this model 15 are an absolute joy to shoot. Especially with cast lead handloads.
This 15-4 was in sad shape with some rust pitting and a good bit of the bluing gone when I rescued it from a pawn shop. I prepped it for bluing and added a target hammer and took it to a local smith for a bluing bath and the result is shown.:)
S&W M15's are a blast. This one is a house gun. The finish was trashed and full of scratches. The front sight hacked up. The original owner also bobbed the hammer.

I had it hard chromed and had a fiber optic blade put up front.

Loaded with some .38spl FBI loads, it's what I reach for when things go bump in the night. :)
Here you go so more Model 15 pics... My favorite revolver to shoot. Good find and NEVER sell it. :D


Well, if you're going to fall in love with a revolver, the S&W Model 15 is a good choice. However, in my opinion, the Model 27 is the Bodacious Babe of Smith revolvers......
I've got a 1951 K-38 and a September 1971 Model 15-3, love them both. My father carried a 15 as a AP in the Air Force and later bought one and carried it working for Topeka PD.
I have a M15, no dash, that my father bought for police duties. When he was promoted to desk sgt, he bought a M36, no dash. I carried the M15 in the late 60's on the PD and still have both pistolas. While the M15 has had literally hundreds and hundreds or rounds thru it, the M36 has never been fired. Loaded? Yes, matter a fact, it sits here right now, but never fired.

Great choice for a 38. I love mine
Combat Masterpiece just sounds better than M-15

Just one man's opinion. They are one of the nicest shooting revolvers ever off the line at S&W. Combine that with their classic good looks and it's probably the nicest smith to ever come off the assembly line. My buddy has an early 60's that is pristine. I lose sleep at night trying to figure how to separate him from it.
Gunsnrovers, may I ask two questions about that setup of yours? Do you get a lot of muzzle blast/flash with that ubershort barrel?
And, what the heck is that knife! :O
I think the ramp makes the barrel look shorter. It's a standard 1 7/8" snub nosed length pistol.

The knife is Graham Brothers Razel. Really handy knife.
I have a NIB(4-screw)Model 15-1 and it's stainless twin-a NIB Model 67 no-dash# as pictured below:

My favorite double action revolver. Best $150 bucks I ever spent. Mine sport Herrett stocks, target trigger and hammer. Only imperfection was the turn ring on the cylinder when I bought it a few years back. The one gun I wish S&W would have made was a 2" Model 15 with a round butt like the Model 19.
Picked up mine a couple months ago for $225.00. It's a great shooter. I've become a fan of S&W K frame 38 special revolvers.
My next handgun will be a beautiful vintage K-frame like any one of those pictured here. Wow!

Besides the way they look...everything I've read about their shoot-ability has convinced me beyond doubt.

That...and my father carried a K-frame for 30 years.
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