I can be such a dope..

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Mar 15, 2012
Comstock, MI
Broke decapper-sizer pins for my Lee .223 and .303 Brit dies..

scoured the interwebs for two hours looking for them..

posted a thread on another forum whining & moaning everyone was out of stock..

(then I fumbled my way through Midway's Rube Goldberg website and found them)

someone on the other forum asked, "Did you bother to call Lee?"

Why no, I didn't!
Thought never occurred to me.

I'm a rah-****
One thing I like about LEE, most of the stuff they sell, they stock replacement parts for. On the Lee Precision webiste, all you have to do is find your item, click on "parts", and they have a part number and price for everything down to the screws and nuts.

It's one thing to call up and say "I broke this" and get another sent out for free. But with Lee stuff, you can order spares in advance (decapping pins, bullet seating stems for customization, etc) or experiment with or modify parts as you wish.
i broke the decap pin in my Lee .223 die. called Lee and they were happy to send me a replacement. got the package and they had gone ahead and sent me two of them.
I try to stock 12 of each style decapping pin I use. Sometimes you have some goofy cramped primers, off center flash holes or ram 4 berdan cases in the die in a session and your stuck. In younger days I only stored 1 to 3 extra so would go through Dads jar of small nails then get my hacksaw & file. Will work if your lucky. Now that I have a full machine shop and can make anything I want out of metal, still go through the nail bin first. Now order extras a dozen at a time but still find myself short on occasion.
All of my Lee dies have a lifetime warranty on the decapping pins.
I broke 2 in one reloading session.... next GS I went to, I bought a pack of each kind I broke, have enough now. I even tried a finishing nail, won't bother you with the results there. Keep 'em on hand!
Had something like this happen to me, had a brain fart and I even said it was a dumb question that I should know the answer. 1 fella helped me out in all the 20 comments left, the other 19 comments were saying" you shouldn't be reloaded if you don't know bullet diameters" and I wasn't home to look at my library of manuals to find out the answer because I was at work and my ex coworker was at the guns shop looking at bullets so he would have liked an answer right away. Luckily the first reply was looking for what I needed and the rest of the posts from other people were total BS and belligerent.

This was for a cartridge I'm not currently reloading but will for a ex coworkers's son.
Oddest thing.. I have spare decapping pins for all my RCBS dies...
That's nice. RCBS also sells most/all of the spare parts for their dies, too. So don't you like that?

Lee puts their replacement parts for the things they sell all in one spot. So you look up your die set, and you can see and order all the parts that are in it. And the parts are cheap. Seating stems are 2.00, for instance. RCBS seating stems are 6.95.

I have a spare decapping pin for my Hornady die. I don't have any for my Lee dies, cuz they don't break!
Go get/keep handy a small box of 2d picture-hanging nails.
The nails are are 0.072" diameter -- standard flashole is 0.080"
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