I can't find the serial number on my Ruger Security Six

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Doc Rizzi

Dec 22, 2006
San Jose, CA
Where did Ruger hide the serial number on the Security Six? I bought it around 1973. I want to change out the grips and I need to know the serial number to see if I can get replacements.
Doc, you might have a problem there. The S/N should be at the bottom of the grip frame. Ruger factory target grips and even Pachmayrs (I think) have a little window cut out at the bottom to that effect. You can try http://www.rugerforum.com for better information.
Hey, if it doesn't have one, it will be one valuable collector's item...that is, unless it was filed off. It definately should be on the bottom of the grip frame. Did you buy the gun new? I'd like to see a photo of that area. Whatever you do, don't send it back to Ruger...at least at this point.
I have Hogue grips on my Security Six and
they cover the bottom to the butt. To see
the serial number you have to remove the
grips with a screw driver, which I have had
to do, like, zero times since I put the grips on.

And, yes, the Pachmyers on my old Security
Six had a window in the bottom to allow
reading the serial number without removing
the grips.
The # should be on the frame ahead of the trigger. Usually two or three digits dash five digits. I haven't owned one in 10 years but that's where I remember it. Joe
Found it...thanks

My Pachmyers do not have a cut out window and were covering the serial number...now that I found it and it starts with 150 I guess I will be leaving the pachmyers on. All the replacements I have found so far are for serial numbers with 151 or higher. I will keep looking. I wanted some nice polished wooden grips for it. Thank you all.
If I'm not mistaken, you have one of the jumping bean Security-Sixes. These were the initial models that had a wierd grip angle that made the gun want to jump out of your hands when you fire it. It got the SS off to a horrible start and ones designated 151+ corrected the problem. Still, the subsequent SSs had smallish grips that, while easier to shoot, still were on the skimpy side.

The Pachmayr rubber grips should make it a non-issue.

Incidentally, my first revolver was a stainless SS. I was poor back then and, on my way out to shoot, the local dealer set aside some grips and said they'd be there on my way back. Sure enough, after firing a couple of full throttle magnum rounds, I opted for the rubber grips and bought them on my way back. Shooting .38s was no problem.
The Pachmayr rubber grips should make it a non-issue.
Indeed, my 150-Security six is a pussycat even with 357 loads with the Pachmayr grips. They came with it used so I don't have the original wood grips (but why would I want them?).

I went through the same serial number search not long after I bought it ... finally took off the grips and found it on the butt. ;)
My Security-Six handled .357Mag loads just fine. However, I sold it after buying my 686. I gave up some concealability for slightly better shootability. YMMV.
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