I don't *get* PCC rifles

+1 on PCCs, Had a lot over the years from 16" barrels like a Beretta Cx4 Storm & HiPoints to short barrel braced pistols like CZ Scorpion & Ruger PC Charger.
The pros have already been covered so I won't rehash.
Two of my favorites are my KT Gen 2 Sub2K and S&W folding carbine. Very light & easy to stow.
I like PCCs with the magwell in the grip, makes for a compact package. My braced Scorpion pistol is as long as my CX4 Carbine.
My only criticism of most current PCCs is they're blowback designs, which needs a heavier bolt, vs a lock breech or roller lock design. But it's a pretty simple setup too, one that can usually keep running when it's really dirty. With ammo costs going up, cheap 9mm is looking better and better.
My shooting skills are mediocre, and I can group 9mm at 25 yards with a good PCC and a red dot better than a 9mm full size hand gun with iron sights at 7 yards. So there's a practical reason to have one.
And cowboys have known for many years it's handy to have a carbine and a pistol in the same caliber vs carrying two different calibers.
I have .44, .357 and 9mm PCCs. Can't say they are better than X,Y, or Z firearms, and definitely can't say they are Ninja/"Operator" worthy. I just like them because I do. I enjoy any of my PCCs more than shooting the AR. Just due to the muzzle blast I think, the AR "feels" to me like it has more recoil. Yes, I know the math does not support that. The PCCs, especially the 9s and 357s, do not have that blast effect, and are more enjoyable to shoot for me. I know, I know, I'm just not very tactikool in my old age;)
I think of most PCCs as being sporting goods. Fun guns. Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course. The main exception that comes to mind is that some revolving-pistol cartridges can be used, for quite serious purposes, in light-weight lever-action and single-shot rifles. But, then, there are plenty of folks who “don’t get” revolvers, single-shot rifles, and/or lever-action rifles.

Niche-use cases exist, for some folks, and for some PCCs, for serious purposes. For example, in Texas, in the Eighties, one could not generally carry a handgun, on or about one’s person, when out and about, away from one’s personally-owned real estate. No license-to-carry system existed, until the mid-Nineties. Yet, long guns were generally legal to tote, just about everywhere. I owned a 9mm Uzi Carbine, back then. With a folding stock, it fit nicely into some mundane-looking bags. After I became sworn as a police officer, and therefore able to carry handguns, I traded the Uzi for a snubby revolver.
Hypothetically, for personal security suppose you were choosing between say a .30-30 and a .44 mag lever action. Which would be more effective?

And, I’d think most would consider the .30-30 more than adequate
Hypothetically, for personal security suppose you were choosing between say a .30-30 and a .44 mag lever action. Which would be more effective?

And, I’d think most would consider the .30-30 more than adequate
The only advantage the .30-30 would have is range. The .44 has taken all the African Big Six out of a handgun so lethality isn't an issue. It will hold nearly twice as many rounds and the rifle can be a bit more compact. Pistol actions are shorter and the .44 is more appropriate to 16" barrels. Plus, .44Specials can always be used for less recoil and blast.
I see and understand all the negatives about PCC, it mostly comes down to size/weight vs power. But a pistol caliber short barrel riffle (or braced pistol) quickly proves its worth compared to a pistol of the same caliber when shooting a plate rack. Add a suppressor and improvements in speed and accuracy are pretty compelling. But it it is still much larger and heavier than a pistol. Suppressed SBR in 9mm is my go to home defense gun -- I registered my braced .40S&W and .45ACP during the amnesty, I've had 9mm SBR and suppressor for quite some time.
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