I hope all my fellow reloaders are good.

We've had close misses on the last two, just trees down, power line down, no harm to house or shop. Not so lucky about four years ago when a 200 plus year old oak T-Boned my shop. Been a crazy few years.
W just had some sever storms roll through central Missouri this afternoon. The worst of the storm went around me but the sirens did go off around 4:00 PM

My son's car got hit pretty badly with hail. He was at work an hour west of me. Here is the damage to his hood. The whole car took similar damage.

hood damage.jpg
Stay safe!

We have been getting plenty of craziness here.

Last night's storms messed up a bunch of trees.

One was hanging over a main road when I went to work this morning.
It was too hard to see until I was right up on it. (Dark road at 5:30 in the morning)

I was able to get half of the truck out of the way.
Sounded horrible hitting it, but no broken glass. Just some scrapes, thank goodness.

We are pretty much in tornado alley.
Had tornado warnings leaving work today!

We'll be think of all of y'all!!!!
NE has a fire weather warning and a wind advisory. Dry dry dry, even with the silly snowstorm last weekend.
If you need a source for severe weather coverage, I watch Ryan Hall on YouTube for my severe weather info. He's networked with several storm spotters and real time updates.
Is Frankie MacDonald still doing weather?

I love that guy!
Seriously, I'm not being a jerk.
I use rock.com/weather.
If the rock is wet, it’s raining.
If the rock is swinging, it’s windy.
If the rock is gone, it’s really windy.

Sorry. Old joke. Kids won’t get it but, back in the day that was funny.
And now back to your usual doom and gloom.
Blizzard here in MN. 50-60mph wind gusts and wet snow following ice at sundown. Power's been out for 2 hours now, electric company won't send crews until tomorrow afternoon when conditions improve. Neighbors are over enjoying our wood stove, and they brought their small camping generator to run a few small things in the house like the frig and the well pump and TV of course. Just got done helping them winterize their plumbing until the power comes back on. Young folks, new homeowners who don't know old people stuff yet LOL. I think they're putting in wood backup heat this summer, so I'll have a strapping young woodcutting buddy now.
That is awesome, but cattle can really mess up the weather reporting in some of our areas. Just say'n. LOL
Yup. That’s why saltlick.com/weather went broke. :rofl:
Sorry about all the nasty stuff y’all are having to deal with. Down here Mother Nature has already turned on the heat pump. But it’s nothing compared.
I'll keep my earthquakes thank you.
good luck out there in the Golden Coast!

I’ll keep an eye out for CME events in the PNW! we had a strange power anomaly in the Washington lake area reports 3 nights ago.