I just picked up a S&W 49 Bodyguard. Have ?'s

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Apr 30, 2003
Nipomo, CA
I picked up an older model Smith & Wesson model 49 Bodyguard SN J147***. The gun is in near new shape. It feels really good and the trigger is night and day diffrence over that of my Taurus 85ti. My question thoug is does any one know if this gun is +p rated? I would like to keep it stocked with .38+p's but obviuously will not if it will damage the gun. So please let me know your thoughts. Also I would like some recomendations on new grips as the stock ones feel to thin to me. Thanks guys for the help. Juan
Nice gun! I have one in stainless, the 6 49 and I really like it as my constant companion. My understanding is that these are not +p guns (not even my stainless). I carry it with 125 Federal Hydroshoks. It shoots them the straightest, too, for me. Seems all my guns prefer the most expensive factory ammo, go figure! Ihave a Hogue rounded monogrip and it's really comfy to shoot.
I may be wrong, but I don't think that any of the 49s were ever offically +p rated. I would not hesitate to shoot a few +ps out of it, but I would stay away from +P+. I really like the Federal Nyclad 125 hp for these guns.
They are not +P rated. But most people shoot a few now and then I practice with std. 38's fire a couple of +P and carry 158 LSWCHP +P Have done this for years in my mod 36 and then in a Charter Arms undercover and now in a 38 spl mod 60.
model 49

No they are not plus-P rated. I now own two and carried one for a number of yeas in my boot. GOOD firearm. My wife carries it today, and I keep the near new one ( orginal box, papers cleaning rod extra rubber grips) in the safe unless using as a back-up or on the range. smooth single action trigger. Enjoy yours. They are sometimes had to locate in good condition..............No Plus-Ps though. ..........MUTT
I bought my blued 49 in 1975. It's a 1971 vintage. It only had W-W or Fed 158 gr LSWCHP+P since it was new in 1971. I've run several thousands of rds thru it. It does have some end shake but it's still a great shooter. You really wouldn't notice the end shake unless you compare it to a newer gun. In 1995 I bought a 649 and it's only had the same rds. I run 500-1000 per year thru them. The 649 is still pretty tight. The above loads are all the only rds I run thru them. The next guy's 49 or 649 might not take 100 rds of that load, or maybe theirs would last longer than mine without end shake.
I'm jealous.
That was the FIRST handgun I ever wanted.
I still don't have it or any S&W revolver.
I ALMOST went for Bodyguard 49/.38 or 649/.357 recently, but just couldn't do it.
Might have to rectify that situation sometime!
It's a great handgun. Mine was manufactured in 1974. I bought it three years ago from a retired officer (who bought it new in 74 whne he was a rookie) and it now serves as my backup and off duty carry. I just recently took it into a local gunsmith for a tune-up. I didn't know if the previous owner had ever done anything to it and I figured it was a good idea. Considering that it has spent most of it's life being carried in ankle holsters or bangin around in gym bags. The smith cleaned it, smoothed out a few burrs on the trigger bar, and gave it a clean bill of health. It dosen't have any endshake and it's timing is still dead on. If that isn't a good reccomendation I don't know what is. I carry the 158 grain semi-wadcutter lead hollow point in mine.
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