I stopped at a tiny gun shop Friday and the lady


Oct 17, 2006
who owned the lil shop asked what I was looking for- I said deals or high end airguns... which I had not seen any... she says "I have a guy" who has some high end for sale. Well after the first text of what he had and some picts I had to say I would take a beautiful Air Arms S510 extra FAC in walnut... gorgeous.!!!! trouble is I have now asked about one of the other airguns he has... darn enablers :p
Air Arms makes some really beautiful airguns. Very functional too.
Yes they do. I have a couple tx200's and a Prosport and they are just nice to shoot. I believe I will enjoy this one! I had wanted a AAs410 for years and when the s510 came out I thought it would be nice. I was thinking of getting one a month or so back but the new pricing is crazy and I have my eye on a top tier FX or RAW and just have not... Yet :) When this popped up I could not pass.
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