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I was questioned about owning any Colts. I currently only have four:


The two on the left are New Frontiers in .44 Special, the 7 1/2" on the Wright is .45 Colt. Then there is a .357 Magnum SAA that has been customized. The gun has a S&W rear sight with a Ruger Blackhawk front sight. The backstrap is brass from an 1851 Navy, and the grips are walnut I whittled out many years ago.

The .357 has an interesting history to me. The gun was bought at a store closing in Memphis, packed in a Ruger Blackhawk box and priced at $87.50. The man who bought it later gave the gun to his son, and his son Mike, became my son-in-law. In 1979 Mike was killed in an auto accident, and some time later my daughter gave the gun back to her former father-in-law. After a few years I saw the gun in a gun shop. Didn't have enough to buy the gun outright, so traded Colt Python for it. I added the brass backstrap and Ruger front sight after acquiring the gun.

Bob Wright
Welcome aboard.

One thing though, you need to get out and shoot more. You rolled that ammo 8 years ago. LOL!
Welcome aboard. You may be new here, but obviously you are not new to guns! Nice collection you have there.:)
No talk about the "correct" way to cock a Peacemaker & you should get along OK. :)
Dpris said: No talk about the "correct" way to cock a Peacemaker & you should get along OK.

Yeah, they're a little hostile on that forum if you step outside their norm. I've been watching myself over there pretty carefully, trying to sort of ease out.

Bob Wright
Welcome, Bob. Folks, I also know Bob from other forums; he's a good guy with a level head, and a lot of knowledge and common sense.
Bob welcome!
Very nice wheels you have,look forward to your insight.
All I own right now are S&W revolvers,but am always ready to buy any good revolver.
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