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Discussion in 'Legal' started by txgho1911, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. txgho1911

    txgho1911 Member

    Mar 21, 2004
    I was wondering where some of our efforts will lead in the future. I decided to
    look up some of the public info on an opponent of the people. I have found Sen
    Garton pays his campaign very well and he has personal contributors all over
    the country. Corp contributors are world wide.
    21 individuals reported as contributors. 2 where noted as attorney and 1 works
    for Farner whoever that is.

    145 corp, union, PAC, contributors. Including 1 other senators campaign.

    These #s are only from the 2005 reporting year.

    I think the position President Pro Tempore for the state legislature should be a
    last term post.
    I guess it would require campaigning against that individual every election
    until that term limitation was made into law. That would be for another
    discussion though.

    I found a R and D candidate running against him in IN S41.
    I plan to call both with encouragement and questions on their RKBA positions. We
    may even be able to cite the legislations Garton has rail-roaded or killed other
    wise to test that position.

    Spoke to Greg Walker and may be meeting him Tuesday eve on the south side of
    Indpls. So far I have warmed him to an idea of term limitations imposed for
    leadership posts in the legislature. I have no idea where else that may go. He
    is currently unable to speak freely as his employment may restrict subjects he
    can indulge into. He sounds younger and did say for now he can only promise that
    he does not want a fulltime career in politics. I think that is so far the
    best. I will pose questions on RKBA and where 3rd party or non individual
    property rights would restrict those.

    Any other good questions for a possible candidate to remove Garton from the senate?

    GOI in cooperation with the 2nd Amendment Patriots
  2. txgho1911

    txgho1911 Member

    Mar 21, 2004

    Sen Garton of IN senate dist 41 held up legislation that protected individuals from corp rules against firarms locked in privately owned vehicles on company property.
    He has been accused of being the one biggest impediment to many state level reforms of many kinds. He is a power broker and the single most powerfull individual in the state. The Govenor cannot sign what never sees a comittee hearing.
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