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Inforce WML review

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by atomd, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. atomd

    atomd Member

    Jul 7, 2006
    Here's a quick review of the Inforce WML.

    200 Lumens on high - Run time 1.5 Hours
    30 Lumens on Low - Run time 10 Hours
    Takes 1 123A Battery
    Waterproof to 66ft
    Weight: 3 ounces
    Price: I paid around $130 @ opticsplanet

    This is the multi function model but they also make a momentary only model and a multi function one that offers an infrared option.

    I chose the multifunction model because it does offer momentary function as well. There's not much of a downside to the multi function except the extra $20or so dollars. If you ever wanted a constant on light for a little while or the ability to switch from high to low or vice versa, the multifunction is nice. If you hold the button for more than 1/2 second it is momentary only. If you click it, it will stay on. Double clicking with the light already on will turn strobe on. Strobe can be easily disabled if you don't want it. You can also switch the order that it changes from high to low and vice versa.

    You can twist the bezel one turn and it will disable the light (keep twisting and you can take the bezel off to change the battery. There is also a lever (shown on in pic 1 and 2. Off in pic 3) that you can flip up to block the button if you want to disable it that way.

    It attaches and detaches very easily. The built in mount is spring loaded with a locking thumb screw. 3 seconds to take on or off.

    The pics below show this on a midlength moe hand guard with a magpul cantilever mount in it's forward-most slot. It sticks out a little bit but it's very easy to access with your thumb and isn't in the way much if you're not using it. There are much nicer and different mounts out there but this one might work out ok....and for $8 shipped I can't really complain.

    My initial impressions are really positive.
    1. Lightweight
    2. 200 Lumens is about right for me on a WML.
    3. Mounts easy, comes off easy
    4. Totally integrated (no extra mounts, no wires, etc)
    5. Disables easily. Settings change easy
    6. Price is pretty low compared to some others
    7. Takes a 123A battery (I have other things that do too)
    8. Pretty good run time
    9. Ability to use it as momentary and also constant on

    1. Don't care about strobe

    2. I feel like I could smash it. I'm not going to try to. This is where blatant unsubstantiated pure speculation comes into play. I feel this way because it's so light and small and it's so easy to pop on and off the mount. I feel like if I just smacked this vertically up or down on the edge of a table, it would come detached or break. I also feel like I could probably smash this bezel on a rock or something and it might break.

    In reality this might not be true (it probably isn't). It's just the feeling I get when I handle this light. It's so small and lightweight and it's plastic. I can see that honestly it's well made. It also looks like the plastic is very thick and good quality in the places that would stress the most under impact. I think that in reality it probably is durable but since it doesn't feel like a brick outhouse and weight about the same....it's deceiving.

    3. I don't think they really NEED the lockout lever. But I'm ok with it being there.

  2. acmax95

    acmax95 Member

    Jul 28, 2008
    Western KY
    I love my WML also.

    I have the HSP version in a thorntail mount on my go to AR, it is a solid light.

    I like their APL too.
  3. OpticsPlanet

    OpticsPlanet Member

    Oct 14, 2011
    Northbrook, IL
    Okay, now you've wrecked it for me. I was just about to order the tan model to go with all my FDE magpul furniture, but that black one looks pretty good!

    Probably should be safe and get both.

    Good review!

    Mark H.
  4. atomd

    atomd Member

    Jul 7, 2006
    You know what's weird? All of that furniture on that gun are in foliage green (including the IO cover on the aimpoint). The lancer mag is FDE though. For some reason in photos FG looks way different than in real life...especially that IO cover. They match pretty good in person.
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