Is RCBS for real?!?!

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Feb 19, 2011
I started reloading a year ago and started out with a single stage RCBS Supreme Master Reloading kit. Great deal, quality, and (I thought) room for expansion to a progressive in time with the Piggyback -4 conversion kit. Since I have reloaded a LOT of .308 and now starting .223 I need a bulk system. Plan was, switch over to the Piggyback 4 and start running a progressive after learning what to watch out for and dangers to avoid. After looking through Midway USA tonight I see they are asking 450$ for the conversion kit. By the time I purchase a conversion kit, I am into them almost 900$ not including dies, case trimmer, etc. Ever heard of Dillon XL650 or the Hornady Lock N Load pricing? Hmm, RCBS? (PS--they also charge 400$ for the friggin bullet feeder)

Does anyone think this is way outta line? I posted this in part because I dont want anyone else to step into the same steaming pile I have.

PPS--Anybody want to buy a lightly used single stage press? :D
I do. Save your single stage press for some applications like pulling bullets or when you want to make a small batch of ammo and get the Dillon or Hornady for you mass production line. That's what I'd do.
Think it over again. You will like your progressive, which ever one you decide, but keep your single stage and you will have a set up for anything you will ever have to face. A progressive is great but it is not a "do it all" machine, just as you are finding out that your single stage is not a do it all machine. A single and a progressive compliment each other very well.
So, you don't like their prices? Don't buy it. Buy something else. Sell your stuff and get something you will like.

Did you look at their prices when your formulated your plan?

Does anyone think this is way outta line?

What, that they charge what they want for products, and people can choose to pay that price (or can just as easily choose not to)? Um, no - I don't think it is out of line.
Second (third? fourth?) the motion

I agree with some of the previous posters. I have a Dillon 550, and use it a ton (9mm mainly)--it rocks for moving along quickly. But when I load rifle calibers, I use it as a single-stage--deprime/resize the whole batch, trim 'em all, prime 'em all, etc. Not everything is better with a progressive.
I'm a precision rifle shooter, I wouldn't trade my RCBS partner press for all that fancy complicated mess, I like doing it 1 at a time, and I don't mind wasting time, if I were volume loading for a pistol, I would.
IMO the piggyback was a not so great an idea. Not because it doesn't work well.... it does. But you need to keep your Rock Chucker single station, because you will always need it. The better choice to compliment your Rock Chucker is a standalone progressive. Any progressive will do great. I chose the RCBS Pro 2000 and I use a Hornady bullet feeder with it and love speed and the simple caliber changes that combination makes possible. The APS primer system is a big plus, IMO. Those who use it love it.

Don't cry foul about the money you spend....because if you want a good progressive to compliment your Rock Chucker, you are going to spend the same money before you're through no matter what color you get.

I do agree with you that the piggyback is not a good choice or value, because for the money you still only have ONE press. Get a standalone progressive, Green, Blue, or Red....and keep loading on your Rock Chucker too!

RCBS is for real alright....but the Pro 2000 is the real green choice, not the piggyback.
I agree, keep what you have and get a Red, Green or Blue all good. I just got the LNL a month ago, (had others in the past) and love it. You won't be able to sell your current stuff for anywhere near what it is still worth to you. JMO
Have fun!
At one time, I had gotten rid of my original Rock Chucker and I only had an RCBS progressive.

As others have stated, there were many times when I wished I would have had the Rock Chucker along with the Progressive! For a while, I had no press at all.

Now, I have a Rock Chucker and am not into all the shooting I was once doing almost daily when I had the Progressive. I just take my time doing everything in Batch-Mode using Frankford Arsenal Reloading Trays (I have four trays for each caliber I load so I can work in batches of 200 at a time).

I agree with everyone's statements. If you shop around and not pay actual RETAIL selling price, you can get what you need in RCBS as much as any other manufacturer, IMO.
Even though I do not own a prgressive, I would buy a dedicated machine as opposed to a conversion.

The Lee Classic Cast press will be in this inventory for a few more years yet.
I have a XL 650 next to my RCBS single stage.
I always explain it to visitors as;
"the blue one is the bulk factory and the green one is where the science takes place" :)

No way I will sell my single stage press.
You mentioned .308 and .223. If you intend on loading .308 on a progressive, choose one that's up to the task. You may want to check out carbide .308 dies for a progressive setup. Lube still required, but it does make the press work a little smoother. You may find that you prefer the Rockchucker for the .308. Also, many of the best powders for .308 won't meter.
I was looking into to the RCBS piggy back, and if I'm not mistaken ,the largest rifle you load for on that unit is .223 Rem.
You compared the RCBS to the Hornady. You are aware the Hornady doesn't come with the bullet feeder and case feeder. You have to buy those seperately, so by the time you're done you still have a big chunk of change out of your pocket. Setting up to reload can get pricey.
I'll give you my opinion on the subject.

Just to see where I'm coming from I'm using a Hornady LNL AP Progressive press with case feeder and I'm waiting on my bullet feeder.
It wasn't perfect out of the box but it's getting there.
I'm also using a Lee single stage press which, even though it runs perfectly, I wish I had a Hornady so I could move the dies between them without having duplicate dies or swapping bushings.

I have quite a few RCBS case prep products and dies and I've always found their products to be well thought out and well made.

You purchased the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Single Stage Press Master Kit so you bought a lot more than just a press so far.

The press alone is only worth around $130.00 or so of your investment.

You will always need a single stage press so you're still free to purchase any progressive press you like.

As far as the bullet feeder is concerned the difference between the Hornady and the RCBS is that the RCBS comes with everything needed to load 9mm, .357, .40/10mm, .45. for $400 while the Hornady doesn't come equipped with bullet feeder dies which cost $25.00 each so the total difference is less than $50.00 when you look at it objectively.

The bottom line is you are the one who is responsible when it comes to asking the questions and finding the answers before jumping in so there is nobody to blame but yourself.
Midway is not always the cheapest store in town,try Graf's,Wideners or Cabela's for prices.
I agree with the others no matter which progressive you may buy keep the single stage.
Who knows,maybe you'll try your hand at wildcatting and you'll nee a sturdy single stage to form your brass.
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