Is the AR 'the' rifle of our times??

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I'd wouldn't be surprised if there were ten times as many Ruger 10-22s in civilian ownership as there ARs of any variety.
There are undoubtedly more 10/22's than AR's in private hands, but probably not 10x. As far as I can tell, a bit over 5 million 10/22's have been sold, and IIRC AR sales were running around a quarter-million per year *before* the sales surge of 2008-2009, judging by some production figures I went through a while back. I'd guesstimate that the AR platform is in the 2 to 4 million range now, but it's hard to say. I do know that it's by far the top selling centerfire rifle in the USA and has been for several years. It could pass the 10/22 in total sales by mid-this-decade, depending on how 10/22's are currently selling, I'd think.
I dont own an AR yet but that s one im thinking down the road. I just shot my SAR 1 today and a friend too brought along his Panther DPMS. I still like the simplicity of the AK and makes dang big holes . I installed a new G 2 tapco trigger grp and it made a lot of difference in trigger break and feel. The cheap crappy CAI that came with the gun was really a POS ! But it held a good while for more than 2000 rds. Hahahaha.

Now it be Spikes Tactical Midlength when the right time comes, that means money in my pocket to get one .....
Definitely. I'd say the 5.56 MM is the cartridge of our time, even with the proliferation of the 7.62 x 39 the 5.56 is in use world wide, even the AK-47 is available in 5.56.
They are now selling M-4 style carbines (Bushmaster) at wally world.

Milspec Ammo box of 5.56x45mm (xm193) sitting right next to it in the glass case.

I didn't see any Ak type next to it.
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