Ithaca Flues Model

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Apr 22, 2003
Alger, OH
As I was perusing the "old and interesting," section the other day, I came across an Ithaca Flues Model, in 20 ga, choked IC/M. It was astonishingly light and handy, with the tag claiming 5.5 lbs. It seemed in good condition, both cosmetic and mechanically. It even pointed quite naturally for me.

I didn't buy it right then, in an attempt to get a handle on my general impulsivity, after all, I've got plenty of shotguns. However, I've since managed to convince myself that since most of my guns are big heavy 12s, a svelte 20 like this would make an excellent gun for long walking days after upland birds. After all, upland hunting is three quarters about the romance of the thing, and what's more romantic than a smallbore, fast handling side by side?

Anyhow, what should a prospective buyer of vintage Ithaca doubles know and watch for? Are they solid, serviceable guns? Would the chambers accept modern ammunition, or would one need to look for short shells, like some of the old English guns?

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I've got an Ithaca Knick Single Barrel Trap that I absolutely adore. It handles and shoots like no other gun I own. It dates to 1929, and I still shoot it regularly. I would check if the numbers match, and the lock-up. If the lock-up is tight (almost certainly will be) I would jump on it, you won't regret it.
the 20ga Flues will have a short chamber [2 1/2in]...they should only be shot with lite loads because the frames are a little to light and tend to crack where the action flat meets the standing breech if used with heavier loads....If mine I would use with some of the RST, polywad, or other lite shells that are readily you said the are very light guns that handle lite upland hunting well .........
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