Jerry Lewis Busted for gun

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If the fake gun looks halfway realistic, I think the TSA would rightfully not want it onboard an airliner. Someone could pull it out and start to order people around....

And it wouldn't make sense to allow special people like Lewis to carry prop guns but not let regular citizens do it too. It's gotta be a fairly and consistently applied regulation.

Gotta back up the TSA on this one. I wouldn't want to see a gun (or a realistic looking fake one) on any flight I was on.

Lewis just screwed up. He should take his punishment and be done with it. It's not like they're going to go hard on him or anything...
Go figure, the entire world is nuts.

Of course Jerry Lewis used to be known for throwing suits away after wearing them only once. People with that much money to burn normally fly around in private aircraft.

And that's why he has to deal with TSA now.
Jerry Lewis was allergic to chemicals used in the dry cleaning process and therefore couldn't use the suits after cleaning.
Also, he didn't throw them away, he donated them to actors less succesful than himself.
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Most people that owns guns are pretty stupid I have found.

... and they have a minimal grasp of the English language.
hate to say it but i doubt he lacks the strength to shoot a real gun. He was a great comedian in his younger years.
This is the TSA we're talking about. Airport security goons. They confiscate 1/75th scale G.I. Joe toy rifles. They keep people from boarding airplanes with pictures of Optimus Prime (who is armed, and a great warrior, but also an imaginary robot from outer space) on their shirts.

The note about Sammy Davis, Jr. reminded me of something I saw years ago. Don Cheadle played Davis in a biopic, and they depicted him loading real guns for his stage show during the period when he was being threatened over his interracial relationship. That would have been a hot night even by Vegas standards.
I love old Jerry, made me laugh a thousand times. He can do anything he wants to. He's earned it.
Is a stage prop is a weapon?

"Las Vegas policeman Bill Cassell said Tuesday that the actor was cited Friday for carrying an unloaded concealed weapon at the Las Vegas airport."
Well, I guess if he has made you laugh a bunch, then laws should not apply to him?

Right. It's a political correctness thing. He's a gun guy.
That was a fun link to the Sammy Davis Jr. video, JohnBT - the man definitely had some moves.
I once got into trouble for trying to bring a Glock shaped toy that fit on to a keyring through the check point at the Miami airport. Pulled aside aside and interrogated by Miami's best TSA agents. For this:


Seriously...I did. They ended up confiscating the key ring, giving me "the lecture", and allowed me to miss my flight (just for good measure).
Latest news says the gun was registered to him.

Say what you want about the TSA generally, but since Frontsight and the SHOT Show are here in Southern Nevada, our TSA folks in Vegas have certainly seen plenty of genuine firearms I'm sure.

Is this the same TSA that attempted to confiscate Joe Foss's Medal of Honor as he boarded a flight because it had a stickpin backing, who only was stopped because the airline pilot knew what an MOH was?
The same. Some of these TSA Officers are really about two cans shy of a six pack. I bet that's why they throw them on the front of the line so that they can give people a hard time for the small stuff and help compensate for their incredibly vast yet under used intellect.;)
Actually had one give my 8 yo a hard time about using her elementary school I.D. What did he want her driver's license?:confused:
i had them make me SHIP a bright green plastic plane launcher that only looked like a gun in the the fact it was L shaped. and this was before 9/11. i was like 8, so around 1997-98.

it was stupifying.
Oh, heck, so what. He was stupid. He's old, prolly shouldn't be traveling alone to Detroit of all places.

Prolly shouldn't. Old people gave birth to young people and supported them. How stupid is that. :)
Several years ago, I was talking with Bob Munden, fast draw exhibition shooter . He said that years ago when "fast draw" shooting was the rage in Hollywood, no one was faster than Jerry Lewis. Munden was there.


Several years ago, I was talking with Bob Munden, fast draw exhibition shooter . He said that years ago when "fast draw" shooting was the rage in Hollywood, no one was faster than Jerry Lewis. Munden was there.



I saw his act when I was a kid.
He was fast.Very,very fast.
Ed McGovern and Rob Leatham would vouch for this guy.
Keep the faith,Jerry.
I'd never seen those clips of Sammy Davis Jr. I'm going to have to find the MP3 of that and play it at the range for fun. Thanks for sharing. ;)

My guess is that his gun, was neither fish nor fowl. probably fired 22 cal. blanks, with a plugged barrel. In California it might need to be registered as a weapon, but I bet it isn't a real weapon by any reasonable definition.
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