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July gun shows - from Ohio to Colorado

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by D-Day, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. D-Day

    D-Day Member

    Jun 3, 2008
    Northwest Ohio
    So, I'm taking a trip this summer from Ohio to Colorado, spanning, of course Ohio, then Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and finally Colorado. I'll be visiting some friends and perhaps some camping out there as well. A Norwegian friend of mine will also be flying in to go out with me on the trip, as our friends are mutual in Colorado. We'll also visit some friends in Kentucky that couldn't make the trip to CO.

    I wanna take this opportunity/road trip to show him what America is really like, and the less appreciated aspects these days. The open road, long highways, from the cities to the back roads, etc. I especially want to take him to some gun shows to show him what we're afforded by our rights. He's big into guns like me, as he's former Norway military and a hunter as well, so I think he'd enjoy being able to see so much stuff in person.

    Anyway, I know summer gun shows are slim picking; seems the best shows are always September-May. Never really been to many summer shows at all. I've been looking on gunshows.net for dates and locations. The timeframe is about anytime in July. I'm not quite sure how much time we'll spend in Colorado, or the times in between, but I have a rough list of possible places...

    Seems the best bets are Ohio, Colorado, and Kentucky.

    For those of you in these states, and visited these summer shows, are they decent?

    The ones I have so far:

    Ohio: Bill Goodman show, July 18-19. I know these shows are a bit iffy as far as quality, but it's in my home state, so meh.

    Kentucky: July 18-19, Louisville.

    Colorado: July 11-12, Denver. Also July 18-19 Colorado Springs.

    Like I said, not sure how the trip schedule will progress, but these are some of the potential ones. Is the selection/turnout pretty decent at these places, if you've ever been?

    Won't be buying anything, but a lot of eyecandy would be nice. Other suggestions/dates I'd keep in mind too.
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