Load data needed for .40 plated + Power Pistol

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Jul 17, 2008
Looking for loads for Plated Bullets. To be used are 180gr Berry's plated RSFP "round shoulder flat point"

I'm thinking on switching to power pistol since it's cheaper at $17 per lb vs hs-6 at $24 and power pistol supposedly works better in .40. I've been having problems with HS-6 since started using it.

I've been using HS-6 for awhile with somewhat good results accuracy wise but HS-6 for me has been a finicky mudder fudder. 6.6 grains while soft shooting leaves alot of unburnt powder, exactly 6.8 works great, anything over that is a a lil snappy "high recoil" sob. They have load data on hogdgon site for BerryB 180 at up to 7.4gr but that's prob be a little ridiculous to hang onto.

I was also hoping power pistol will measure out better than HS-6 hs-6 is a weird flat/round coin like shape vs standard round , flake or stick style powder and loves to act funny in rcbs competition powder measure which "only with this powder" varies + or - .1 grain forcing a weigh of each charge vs my average routine of dumping out every 10th or 20th round randomly to check that powder charges are correct
Power Pistol won't meter better than HS-6 but it's not all that bad.

If you want to fix that HS-6 unburnt powder problem switch over to a magnum primer. A magnum primer will also tighten up the SD numbers.

If you don't get what you want from Power Pistol give AA#7 a try. Like HS-6 it's a ball powder so it will meter quite well.
I've tried longshot before, wasn't too impressed with it, of course that was back in the mid 90's with 38's and .45acp.. I usually like the N series from vihtavouri N340 , n320 , "and for rifle" n140 , n135 but they are expensive for everyday plinking. also my p229 and p226 never really liked n340 it was clean shooting and fully burnt powder but vs current hs-6 the groups were half inch wider using VV powder. I just replaced barrel in p229 so I might try the tiny bit of n340 I got left and see how that goes.

I was just going to try out some Power Pistol and see how I liked it, like I said it's the lowest priced and has high praise for .40s&w . was just wondering if anyone had any pet loads or a good start-stop using 180gr plated rounds. and or 165gr gold dots "my .40 guns are weird for solid point ammo they like the heavy stuff but with hollow point they are dead accurate with mid weights upto 165gr."
I'd probably start around 6.0gr and work up from there, I'm not sure if you're wanting a milder plinking load or a more normal power load. For 180gr jacketed 7.2gr gives me around 1,050 fps from a 4" G23, so you want to start kind of low for plated bullets.

Power Pistol is great for the .40, it's not going to give you absolulte max velocity (which may not be your goal), but it's gives borderline high velocities and is very consistent from all that I've loaded in both the .40 S&W and .45 Super, many instances of single digit extreme spreads.
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