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Looking for 10 gauge components

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by MCgunner, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. MCgunner

    MCgunner Member

    Dec 3, 2005
    The end of the road between Sodom and Gomorrah Tex
    Found a website with steel shot, 40 lbs or some such 11 dollars shipping. Seems reasonable since I have no local source within 100 miles for a bag of steel shot. I found hulls at midwayusa.com, 3 1/2". Well, they seem a little high at 45 bucks or something a hundred. For about twice that I can buy loaded ammo. I have a couple of boxes of dryloc for a goose hunt this weekend and I plan to save hulls of course.

    Now, what I REALLY want are 2 7/8" hulls. I can find nothing. Is there a site with better pricing on hulls and is there a site that might offer 2 7/8" hulls? I'd been wanting to load some duck loads in the shorter cases eventually. Now, I hunt ducks with 12s normally and they work fine, but I bought this 10 for geese and I think it'd be fun to duck hunt with it, too, but 3 1/2" ammo just seems a might much for ducks. I kill 'em quite dead with 2 3/4" 12s. I probably won't hunt ducks a lot with the 10, but I might grow to like it, never know. It's heavy, ain't real quick to the shoulder, obviously. But, hey, why not? It is a short, compact single shot H&R, a little handier if heavier than my Mossberg pump or Winchester auto and packs a lot of shot into a round unlike my little 20 gauge side by side. It's an option I'd like to play with next duck season, anyway.
  2. Molasses

    Molasses Member

    Jun 3, 2007
    Anoka, MN
    I load 2 7/8" 10 ga for a Winchester M1901 lever action. My interest was in finding/developing light smokeless and BP loads for cowboy shooting, so I'm not gonna be of much help beyond telling you what I've done and steering you towards an outfit that can help.
    Like you, I had no luck finding hulls, so I've been trimming fired 3 1/2" down to size. I use a cobbled up trimmer, but there's a commercially made one available at the outfit I'll refer you to later. Being that the trimmed hulls no longer have any vestige of a star crimp and since I didn't stumble right across a loader that would apply one to the short 10 when I looked, I've just been going with an overshot wad and roll crimping.

    These people have a roll crimper that works with a drill (drill press works best in my experience) as well as lots of components, the commercially made trim deal I mentioned earlier and a 10 ga load booklet that I remember buying a number of years ago when I was starting down this road, but never used because all the loads listed were way too hot for what I was intending to do.
  3. cochise9424221

    cochise9424221 Member

    Dec 23, 2008
    I trim my 3 1/2" hulls on a drill press with a cut off wheel and roll crimp on the drill press using a roll crimp die I got from either Precission Reloading or Ballistic Products (I dont remember) an old table top antique crimper will work fine on plastic too if you can find one in 10 ga.
    My hulls came from both places mentioned above, I have both Remington and federals new unfired but they are 3 1/2".
    I load mostly Bismuth for a 3 1/2" chambered Ithaca NID, I prefer the short 10 for ducks, the magnum isnt really needed for geese either unless you are pass shooting.
    I do load some 1oz skeet loads too, an ounce of 9s from a 10 gauge is real comfy to shoot and crushs targets through the full chokes.
    For some good low pressure loads using SP10 wads there are 2 old issues of Double Gun Journal with articles on the 10 titled "Finding Out For Myself" by Sherman Bell these articles list both Bismuth and lead loads around 6500 PSI for Damascus guns but they work great in newer guns too
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