10 rd original SKS mag interchangeability?

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Mar 26, 2003
College Station, Tx
I have searched and not found anything regarding the interchangeability of the various SKS makers factory 10rd mag.

The reason I am wondering--I purchased a Chinese SKS this weekend but it did not come with any mag. I do not want to go the detachable mag route and am looking at getting an original 10rd fixed mag. Will a Russian, a Yugo, Romanian, etc mag interchange with a Chinese SKS mag?

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Someone probably took out a factory 20 rounder as they are in high demand amoungst SKS owners ... you can probably find them on Gunbroker too ... all of them I've encountered, Russian, Yugo, Chinese will interchange.
I have a Norinco (Chinese) mag I might let you have since I doubt I will be using it after 20 years. But depending on the build of your Chinese model it might be slightly different too. PM me with your details and maybe I'll send you one. I think I know where it is but bear in mind that I just moved so it make take a little while to find it. I'm talking a few days, not a few weeks. I'm not asking anything for the mag. I will let you pay for the shipping I guess.
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If you do find another one expect to do some fitting. They didn't serial number all those parts for fun.

Pretty funny, the first link is selling "used with very little bluing" SKS magazines for $40, which is half what I paid for my entire new rifle. :eek:
Pretty funny, the first link is selling "used with very little bluing" SKS magazines for $40, which is half what I paid for my entire new rifle.

Just imagine how much you could make selling your SKS one part at a time.

Dang I can't find my old mag. I'll keep looking but if someone else can help him feel free. I just moved and the mag wasn't where I expected it to be. I've been looking off and on for 2 days with no luck yet. I haven't used it for 20+ years so who knows where it might have ended up. It's here somewhere. I just don't know where.
Found one!

or rather it found me. A fellow THR member answered my request. Thanks so much to everyone for their help.
Thanks and Merry Christmas!
I was very fortunate this summer. Picked up a beautiful Chinese factory 26 type 56 Sks from my best friend's wife's dad for $200! Complete with an extra reciever cover, extra 10round mag, and a steel 30 round mag which actually performed quite well at the range.
Great. Glad you found one. Still sorry I couldn't find mine for you. I guess I can stop looking for a while.

Speedo that's exactly the SKS I bought over 20 years ago. It's worked dang near perfectly since then too. Any malfunctions were either from "upgrades" I did to the rifle or bad ammo (ended as soon as the ammo was gone). Contrary to what some might think about the SKS mine hasn't a speck of rust on it. Neither does my Yugo come to think of it.
I never happen into deals like Scoped

$200 for any sks is a deal these days. Wish I would have loaded up on them back at the gun shows in the 80s. I used to walk right past those things. Hindsight is always 2020.
I would try to find the make / maker. IE if yours is chinese, find a chinese.

You may have luck with a tapco 10 or 20 round magazine. They are better than the old original SKS "Duck Bill" metal magazines imo. althout I do agree that the factory fixed magazines work the best. but for $10.00 +/- you might give it a try.
Actually the brand of mags called "USA" are the best by far that I've seen. I have several of them and not one of them has ever caused a single problem. At one time I had twice as many as I do now but I eventually figured out I didn't need nearly so many so I sold several. I wish I had held onto them now because they do work great especially with a Norinco Type 56 rifle from the Factory 26 production line. Those were very popular back in the early days of the SKS frenzy and so were the USA brand mags. That's about the only kind a person could find. I still see some of them once in a while.

But to be honest I have no intention of changing of my Yugo over to detachables. Stipper clips are faster and you can carry more ammo with less weight. You don't need the heavy mags to hold the ammo. Stripper clips are the way to go for sure.
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