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Looking to get started on reloading.

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Prod, Sep 21, 2008.

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  1. Prod

    Prod Member

    Mar 9, 2008
    I've viewed a number of threads, websites, and videos, and I've decided that reloading is for me. I'm not looking to decrease the amount of money I spend on ammo, I'm looking to shoot more while spending the same. I'd also like to hunt, but my rifles are semi-auto so I can't trust commercial loads.

    I'm looking at reloading the following calibers/rifles:

    .45 ACP - 1911
    .30-06 - M1 Garand
    7.62x54R - ROMAK-3/PSL

    Before the end of the year I'll also end up with an AK and AR.

    I'd like to reload 500/month for the .45, and 200/month for the rifles. I'm thinking that some sort of turret or progressive press is the way to go, looking for suggestions on which one I should get. I'm not made of money here, so I want to get the cheapest thing that will work well.

    I'm aware that reloading for the M1 requires a bit more attention than reloading for a .30-06 bolt gun. Currently I have about 700 cases of .30-06 milsurp HXP that I intend of reloading. The ROMAK/PSL is light ball only, but I'm not sure about pressures.
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  2. gun4funtime

    gun4funtime Member

    Jun 28, 2008
    First buy a good reloading manual or two, Read them, They will give you a lot of information to consider when buying equipment, of course recommending their own brand. But will give you an idea of equipment you will need and stuff you will just want for convenience sake.

    something on the lines of the RCBS rockchucker for the rifles,
    And I like the Hornady Lock and Load progresive for the hand gun calibers.

    you can buy one in a kit and to get the scales and other goodies for starting out, then just by the other press as you can afford by its self.

    Have Fun, Be Safe,
  3. Five of Clubs

    Five of Clubs Member

    Jun 1, 2008
    I reload 45ACP on a single stage press (Lee) and shoot about 200-250 rounds per week. This requires about 4-6 hours per week which is acceptable for me but not for everyone. From what I gather the general feeling about turret presses is that they are only slightly faster than a single stage. A progressive press will definitely cut down production time, but the price goes up accordingly.

    Most people will advise to start with a simple setup and then improve later. I'm not sure I totally agree. I thought reloading was some magic art practiced by half engineer/half wizards, but there is really not much to it (at least not for making soft recoiling target loads for 45ACP). So my advice is buy whatever you think will suit your needs the best and is in your price range. Whatever you buy will take some tinkering to set up properly, but it shouldn't be that bad and people on this site can generally help you overcome any issues. Good luck.
  4. lgbloader

    lgbloader Member

    Apr 17, 2008
    ...Cheapest thing that will work well...

    First, get a couple of load manuals like the Lee book and Lyman 48th or 49th edition and read 'em till you can qoute 'em.

    Then go to Kempf Gun shop and buy this Lee Classic turret kit:


    * Make sure to buy the upgrade for an extra $22.00. This kit loads aprox 4-5 rounds a minute. do the math....

    This will take care of your 45 acp and any other handgun caliber you intend on handloading for.

    I would also buy this single stage kit to load your rifle :


    You will need to buy your dies for 308 win and 7.62 x 54R. also, get the trimmer length gauges for both calibers, and you will want to invest in a case tumbler, and perhaps a better scale (the scale works okay but is a bit slow).

    These kits together will give you all you need to load good ammo.

    Now, I have "the good stuff" but I would have no problem in making good quality ammo (maybe not steller) if I was at a handloading bench with this equipment listed above. I believe that Lee makes good equipment and for the $, you can't beat it.

    Good luck and welcome to the lifestyle.

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