M&P9c experiences?

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Oct 11, 2008
The Communist Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Experiences with the M&P9c?

Anybody know if you can put full size M&P9 mags in it? Pure curiosity.

Finally, my father has a M&P45 that he's had some slide issues with (not locking back on last shot) and S&W told me a round firing pin hole (which he has, as opposed to a teardrop shaped firing pin hole) is the first generation which had some issues. Anything akin to this on the M&P9 or 9c?
I've not heard of issues with the M&P 45. And as I have one, I've never had any issues. Though looking at it, my M&P 45 has a round firing pin hole, as far as I can tell.

All M&P compacts can accept mags from their larger counterparts.

I don't know what the purpose of full size M&P mags in a 9c would be, considering you live in MA and would have pinned 9c mags.
I had one (purchased late 2006) but was forced to sell it. :banghead: Absolutely perfect, 100% flawless functioning. :) It also had a very comfortable grip and short reach/stroke trigger. It would be a little better if the slide were slimmed down; this tended to make it top heavy as the magazine emptied and made it less comfortable to carry IWB than a more slender gun. The magazines from the full size model will fit and function in it, but I view this practice as being for "in a pinch" than regular carry.
Owned one. Liked it a lot but decided that I could carry a slightly larger gun so I traded it and bought the full sized M&P9. Both are excellent guns.
As others have said, you can indeed use the full sized mags in the compact frames.

As the owner of five M&P's, that range from early models to the the newest M&P 40 Pro Series, I can tell you that I have never had an issue like your fathers. I have only heard of slide lock issues that are caused by a bad magazine.

If your father is still having this issue, he can call S&W to have the handgun fixed. S&W has a CS department that is second to none, and they will fix the issue if he just asks.
@gglass: That's the odd thing. We've tried I believe four different mags w/ it, and he's sent it back twice. Once they changed the slide stop, and the second time they put a new slide on. It may have only done it once after the slide was replaced. Didn't do it the other day at the range. And like you, everybody I mention it to has all good things to report about M&Ps.
I have the 9L, 9c and 40FS. I enjoy the heck out of the compact. While you are restricted on capacity you could still buy the full sized 10 round mags and use an X-Grip for a better grip at the range. I honestly bought it for my wife thinking smaller hand = smaller pistol. She now shoots the 9L and I have no problems, big hands and all, shooting the compact. Never a problem of any sort.
I have an M&P9c as one of my two carry guns. It's extremely reliable... never had a malfunction yet.

It quickly exhibited a lot of superficial finish wear, but since Melonite is actually a metal treatment, and since it adds character to a good gun, I haven't bothered sending it in for refinishing, even though S&W sent me an RMA.
Mine has been flawless. 100% reliable and as accurate as you would hope for out of a longer barreled pistol. Up until recently it rode in the center console of my Jeep.
I had a 9c, but stupidly sold it. I put 550 flawless rounds through it, and it was easily one of the finest handguns I've ever owned. Soft shooting, accurate, 12+1 capacity and durable. Highly recommend this pistol.
huduguru said:
Google "M&P dead trigger", "M&P broken striker" and "M&P magazine dropping"

Or exchange "M&P" for "Glock" (or just about any other manufacturer).
Subjectively, mine is extremely soft-shooting. I have something like 1,000 or so rounds through it with zero malfunctions.
My M&P 9C has been my EDC for a few years now. It has been a great pistol. It has low recoil, its accurate, and its easy to shoot very well. I haven't found a pistol I like better yet.
"Or exchange "M&P" for "Glock" (or just about any other manufacturer)."

Negative. Those three problems were never significant issues with the
Glock. The dead trigger issue is, in fact, unique to the M&P platform and
has not been fixed by S&W until the last few months of production....
I liked my full size so much I bought two compacts. Great gun. Feels much more comfortable and easier to shoot than a glock.
Negative. Those three problems were never significant issues with the
Glock. The dead trigger issue is, in fact, unique to the M&P platform and
has not been fixed by S&W until the last few months of production....
I guess we should just ignore the warning about potential function problems for Glocks if you mount a light on the rail (read the SureFire X300 / X400 manual, the warning is Glock specific), ignore the NYPD's phase 3 malfunction issues with their Glock 19s, and ignore the fact that Oakland PD just recalled their Gen4 Glocks.

Point is, every major pistol out there has had problems. The major brands just have engineers who can actually fix the issues.

As for the pistol in question, I have a good friend (former roommate actually) who carries one as a BUG on duty. He's issued a SIG by the Fed. Agency he works for, and was a certified Glock armorer before he went Fed. He's quite impressed by the M&P9c.
My 9c has been flawless through hundreds of rounds, carries easily IWB and sometimes in the front pocket of my cargo shorts. Classy good looks, too.
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