Mare's leg type guns- why?

I thought Shockwaves were dumb until I tried one so maybe a Mares Leg is the same?

I was comparing a Shockwave to a shotgun before really handling one , and I see some posts here doing the same. The thing is it's not a shotgun or a pistol really, it's in its own class. Once I started shooting one I realized how very handy it was and how low recoil it actually is. My wife is recoil sensitive and loves shooting the shockwave with full power loads. Remember, it's only bad recoil if you try to stop it with your shoulder.

I will say that I'm not sure if the same applies to the Mares Leg though.
I really love short barrel carbines, and have a couple 3 SBRs. But I've stayed away from suppressors for the same reason; they take a short, handy carbine, and make it long and cumbersome.
Saw a ten inch Scorpion with an integral suppressor, which looked really cool. But that suppressor would have been dedicated to the Scorp; it seems to me, using it on numerous hosts makes more sense.
That Mirochester is about a work of art; I'm not about to hang a can on that. :)
The purpose of the short barrel upper we were issued wasn't really to have a tiny little M4- it was to keep from having an excessively long rifle when the suppressor is attached during raids where much of the fighting is room-to-room, in hallways, etc. at very close distances. We were issued both a short CQB barrel upper as well as the standard M4 upper. The shorter one was generally used in the above scenario, with the aimpoint or eotech attached- but for patrolling and the like, we preferred the longer upper, which would have the ACOG (latter variable low power optics) mounted. These were generally ran "loud", although cans were attached during recon/surveillance operations, in which we worked in smaller teams deployed "forward", where stealth was desirable, and we had no desire to become decisively engaged with the enemy.