Mauser at Auction

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May 5, 2004
Was at a auction today and I saw a gun listed as a turkish mauser for sale. However i realized this was not a turkish muser. I big on it and got it for $110. It was a crest of a buck and dear next to a star, with the words Modelo 1912. on the side it says WaffenFabrik Steyr Austria. On the barrel its says M12 7mm Germany and was imported By CIA.

Is this a Austria Mauser, as the only one listed in the blue book was model 1914?

Any info on the gun and its value?

Also would it be chambered in 8mm Mauser?

Thanks for any info
My K98 was made by Steyr in Austria. I'd imagine they worked with Mauser on tooling. There were 1912 Mexican and Chileno mausers, my guess is you've got a variation on that. Good find.
You apparently have a Austrian Steyr-made Mauser 1898 rifle.

Steyr made these for a number of countries, and it sounds like you have a Model 1912 Chilean rifle, in the original 7mm Mauser.

The Modelo 1912 was made in both a rifle with a 29 inch barrel, and in a short rifle for use by cavalry, engineer, and artillery units.

Caliber was the 7mm Mauser cartridge. This was an extremely popular Mauser round up until the 1950's, and is still widely available, including in commercial hunting ammo.

These were very good quality rifles, and depending on actual condition, it sounds like a good buy.
I checked again and yes it is the Chilean coat of arms. Certinaly not turkish as they had listed it. Thanks for the info

This might be a keeper. I thought i had it at $70, autioneer about ready to say sold and someone bid$80.

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