Mauser M20 .22LR


Mar 28, 2011
I just bought a Mauser M20. I started to look for magazines but could not find any. I read that this gun can use GSG Firefly magazines. Can someone verify this information?


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Not, yet. Just start checking online sites.
Will try. Thank you
Just called. They cannot confirm.
Provided email to warranty department to verify.
I found 2 Youtube videos about this pistol, one by GSG guns in German. It does seem to be a variant of the Firefly and it looks like the same mag. The other video was from an owner that was made in 2022.
I've seen Firefly mags listed as low as $19.99. You could always buy one and try it out.
Just got a response from Blue Line Solutions


I am not 100% but I think the firefly would fit. It’s basically the same gun.

Our distributors include;
Bill Hicks, Davidson’s, Dunham’s, Sports South, Zanders, Turners, and Vance outdoors. You can also try reaching out to them directly and ask that they place an order. I have Mags on the shelf, but we’re an importer/wholesaler.

BLS Warranty Team.
Looks very similar to the SIG-Sauer Mosquito so magazines could be the same.
For everyone interested:

I have a response from shop:

Apr 11, 2024, 1:54 PM CDT


German Sporting Guns Firefly .22LR will fit your Mauser M20, since they share the same overall design and functionality.