Metric Fal Furniture

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Aug 30, 2008
So I've been looking at the ironwood designs furniture for metric FALs and I really like how they look, but the price really stings. Does anybody know of another source for hardwood furniture?
Well if possible I'd like to stay with american parts (my grip and butstock are USA) but I have to agree that the israeli looks better than my current. I do have a flush fit folding bipod installed though, I'll miss that if I get the ironwood. Maybe they could lathe out 1/4" sections like the STG forearm?

One of my goals here is to get away from the whole "black rifle" image. I'm still re-educating my wife regarding firearms and swat type guns still unnerve her. (so far I've been descrete)

As far as I know, there aren't any wood furniture sets, regardless of national origin, with bipod cuts. I'm not certain if you could mill out bipod cuts in a wood handguard and keep it strong enough for the job (you could design it properly, but I don't know if it could be done isn't already designed for bipods). You could always go the route of the rifle on the left on the Land Rover and just go wood butt (or wood butt and grip, as on the German G1 and others). That would leave you full use of the bipod.

In any case, you've got a nice-looking rifle.

Thanks, I've been adding small upgrades for the past 8 years :). (I bought on my 18th Bday :)) Maybe it's time to lose the bipod and just learn to shoot prone like in the good (bad?) old days.
I found years ago that my STG-58 shot best without the bipod and have not used them since. But, plenty of folks like them.

I love the bipod on the STG58. Mine looked great and was functional. However, the gun will shoot better without it. I ditched it over a year ago.
DSA lists (or used to list) walnut wood furniture sets on their website, but I don't think those would be any price savings over the Iron Wood stuff.
Actually I think I saw on the falfiles a guy who custom makes walnut pistol grips for $75-100. If you got a cheap (?) israeli set and one of these grips it might look good. I suppose an IW grip would be cheaper at $30 each. Hmmm

Look at this:


$180... I might have to ask around about these

Oh and DSA appears to only have inch wood sets. $185
But the DSA kits are imported and so will not help with 922r. By the way, be careful of dealing with Florida Gun Works, as they have a rather poor reputation (though I have never dealt with them, personally.)

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