Microstamping On Governors Desk!

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Apr 26, 2006
Here in Sunny Sol Cal




Please redistribute this action alert to others as soon as possible!!!!

AB 1471 is strongly opposed by the California Rifle and Pistol Association. Your contacts with the Governor in opposition are urgently needed right now!!! He will be acting on this very soon!!!...... Perhaps within hours!!!


AB 1471 (Feuer) Microstamping - Would expand the definition of "unsafe handgun" to include semiautomatic pistols that are not designed and equipped with a microscopic array of characters that identify the make, model, and serial number of the pistol, and which are transferred in at least two places by imprinting onto each cartridge case when the firearm is discharged. Theoretically, this will enable identification of the registered owner.

Even though over 90% of handguns used in crime are stolen, the registered owner from whom the firearm was stolen would become the subject of a criminal investigation and possibly prosecution!

If signed into law, AB 1471`s requirements could soon be expanded to cover all firearms of any kind! And.if a criminal gets a hold of some of your spent cases (as from a shooting range) he can leave them at a crime scene and the police will come looking for you!! To make matters even worse, scientific studies have shown that any criminal can easily remove or defeat the microstamping technology with a minimum of effort!!!!


It is important that every owner of firearms of any kind immediately contact the Governor to oppose AB 1471!!! If this bill passes, it will soon be expanded to cover all firearms!!!


FAX: (916) 445-4633
PHONE: (916) 445-2841

http://[email protected]

Your action is needed now if we are to have success!!!

The Governor will act on these bills very soon!!

Please act today!!!
Please help by calling the Gov

I've sent a handwritten letter to the governor. I've heard they have more impact. I was blunt and asked him to accept it for what it really is; a backdoor mechanism to ban semi-auto handguns in CA.
I made the call, but I doubt if it will do any good.
You see, I know how anti gun RINOS act.
Arnold is going to throw out all the votes from out of state against the bill and keep those for it. He will then sign the bill and claim it had the overwhelming support of the people of California!!! He will then announce the "votes" for signing and nobody will be the wiser!!
1) The Gov. can NOT distinguish between in state & out of state phone calls to the phone query.
2) I have inside info that he will VETO the bill.
3) even if he could distinguish where the phone call originated, it would also throw out Brady calls too.
4) I'll be in Sacramento Tomorrow. If you want to know more PM me.
I also called and voted, and it didn't take much time at all.
As others have pointed out before, even though this is happening across the continent from me, it affects me.

Normally I would say that California's business is none of mine.

However, California is:
1) enough of the firearms market share that companies will retool and sell only microstamped handguns to everyone in the US,
2) the trend setters for the entire country, meaning that microstamping bills will start hitting other governor's desks in spades if this passes.

So I have no problem telling him to veto this bill, and neither should you.

(Now, if California wanted to pass an "accuracy of handgun operation, accuracy, and wounding in movies act of 2007" I'd get behind that....)
There was only 2 choices Arny or a Dem and Arny was a "Republican" so the choice was obvious. Of course he has turned out to be a Dem anyway so it does not matter.
Thanks all for your support.

Do use caution when dialling thru the automated response system: don't just blindly hit those keys, but listen to the prompts and follow what makes sense. That 'recipe' key sequence posted above might change if AB1471 goes up or down in priority or menu items change, etc. You wouldn't wanna accidentally for for it!

StandingWolf said:
Elect a RINO, you get a RINO.

Compared to his predecessor (Gray Davis) he displaced, he's much better.

Compare to the alternatives in the recall election, he (1) could win (the numbers didn't fall well for the 2nd Republican candidate, Tom McClintock due to lack of crossover votes, and (2) there was a strong chance a very dangerous Democrat (in a variety of spheres) could have won - the "Cruzamonte", Cruz Bustamente.

Sometimes you don't have a choice and sometimes where you live your political demographics are forced upon you.

And for those CA bashers - the forces shaping CA politics right now will be shaping politics in your state in 20 years given current trends.

Bill Wiese
San Jose CA
I voted too - MA is trying to pass a similar law. If it passes in CA it may set a precedent for the lawmakers in my state.

He has until Sunday to sign, veto or ignore the bill. If he ignores the bill it automatically becomes law.
Damn I used to like Arnold. Not anymore. I can only hope that the gun
manufacturers refuse to sell to Kali including the LE but I don't think that
will happen. I have a feeling that we are all going to be affected by this.
I would be willing to wager a cup of virtual coffee and a virtual cigar...make it a Cuban since it's virtual, that the law will be interpreted as current pistols eventually will have to be retrofitted to leave a stamp.

The sole means I see to easily do this micro-stamp would be the ejector or firing pin. Any new pieces sold as replacements will have to carry the micro-stamp. JMHO.

Forrest Gump was right, "Stupid is as stupid does." :eek:
The gun maker's have stated that they will stop selling handguns in California after 2010, when microstamping takes effect. The gun makers are NOT going to re-tool and sell "California only" guns. Nor are they going to jack up the price of guns $150 (this is the price increase estimated to implement microstamping) nation wide, just so they can sell in California. To the Californian's.....YOU ARE SCREWED.:neener:
Any chance that legal action could block this law?

Revolvers cannot be affected, since they do not eject shells. I guess this is an indirect way to ban semi-autos in California.

Its also a first step in banning all repeating firearms in California.

They won't just stop with semi-autos. Next, they'll find a way to ban revolvers, then repeating rifles, and finally shotguns.
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