Midway USA Surplus .303 British

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I can't tell from their pictures, none of the head-stamp.
I looks like the ammo can in the background is for 7.62 rounds.

You just might have to contact them.

Not sure how you feel on Cheaper than Dirt, but they have had HXP .303 for a while.
It's a better price than what Midway is offering, and HXP is boxer primed.

I have a couple of boxes of POF i got for cheap, but they are in 32 round boxes.
The boxes don't look like POF boxes, but even if it was VPT or Lapua, it's way overpriced for surplus, especially BERDAN surplus!

Especially when you can get 200 rounds of new production Privi Partizan 174 grain FMJ from AIM for $139.50.

Better yet, do as Sprouticus suggested and pick up some of the HXP from CTD, that's what I did!
Thanks for posting that link Sprouticus!
(Even though I felt like a sleaze for ordering from them, I [thought I'd] sworn off those crooks years ago)

HXP .303 is awesome stuff and it hasn't been around in quantity for ages. Accuracy is excellent and if you reload, the cases last at least four times as long as Remington's do.

While they don't perform as well as a good softpoint on hogs, the MK VII bullet with it's aluminum nose works extremely well for an FMJ, better than the "short neck" Czech 7.62x54R LPS in my opinion.

ETA: I checked my notes and it was South African .303 that worked so well on hogs.
I haven't actually used the Greek stuff on them yet.
Hopefully that'll change soon!
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It looks like the .303 HXP is sold out now.

I bought some HXP in 30.06 & .303 from them this past October.

The 30.06 sold out in a few days back then.

Earlier this month they got more HXP 30.06 in stock.
(they still have the linked stuff) http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/AMM-A16320L#Reviews

Not sure were they are finding this ammo.

But if anyone wants to buy some (HXP .303) you just might want to keep checking every once in a while, some more might turn up.

As far as buying from Cheaper than Dirt, it's pretty simple for me.

If they have a reasonable price for their products I will buy.
If they charge way too much I won't.
i would buy the privi long before i will ever buy from CTD again. i started to get over my hate for them until yesterday when they started charging almost a buck a round for m855
I was eyeballing some of that HXP at CTD but couldn't bring myself to spend that much on a gun that I only put a box or two downrange a month.

That being said, the Midway USA stuff seems to be the POF, and it's fairly good ammo from my experience, as I picked up a few 20 round boxes from Graf's and the price was lower per round at smaller quantities.

I still definitely like the PPU stuff better... nothing like reloading for .303 :)
You are not forced to pay that price.....

correct, and i did not. an i am also free to take my money else where to places that actually support the cause instead of trying to make as much money off of it as they can. they even publish sensationalized blogs hoping to scare up the market.
Actually, the boxes look very much like Paki POF .303 boxes ... but all the POF boxes I've seen are 32 round, not 20.
It's almost certainly highly corrosive, and will probably be very unreliable after all this time. Do you really want to put that junk through your rifle?
From the Midway product description
"This pristine, non-corrosive, military surplus 303 ammunition was sealed away in a British armory, but is now being offered to our customers"
Midway is usually fairly accurate in its descriptions (even if they're not exactly lavish in the amount of useable information they give), so I'd tend to believe it's probably not corrosive.

I was honestly curious about what sort of ammo this is, so I called Midway and asked where it was from. I was told that "we don't have that information".
I guess they were unable to take a picture of the headstamp either.

Personally, I wouldn't touch that ammo with a ten foot pole, and as for actually buying it when brand new Boxer primed ammo is available at a lower price; lets just say that I think it'd be less than smart.

I find it very hard to believe that Midway doesn't know where this ammo is from. If they're not saying, it's because they don't want prospective purchasers to know.
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