Might as well show off the 357SIG's

I have a Sig 1911R-357-B-XO that is chambered i n 357 Sig.

You have seen one 1911, you have seen them all. My Sig is a full size, 5" barrel version.

It is a pussy cat shooting 357 Sig but the handgun platform lends to that.

I also have a S&W M&P357 1.0 pistol. Recoil is a but more snappy than the Sig 1911, but easily controllable. It is too bad that S&W discontinued the M&P357 pistol.

But, of course, you can get a 357 Sig barrel that will work fine in a 40S&W handgun (it might need a recoil spring change though.,)

Besides the bottle neck 357 Sig pistols that I have, I have two 1911's chambered in 38/45 Clerke, another bottleneck cartridge designed for the 1911. Both work fine in my 1911's chambered for the appropriate rounds.
At work - can't do pics. My only dedicated .357 SIG though is a S&W SV357 (actually kind of rare as they didn't make many of them).

I do have a .357 SIG barrel for my Glock 22 though. That's the only .40 that I have that has common barrels available though. All my other .40's are rather odd and don't have common replacement barrels available.
@Dragonfly did you ever try G33? my take on it that .357 is just too much round for that specific model.
Unfortunately, no—I would guess that it would be a handful, though. Canadian handgun laws prohibited the importation of handguns with barrels less than 4” in the mid-1990s so I’m unlikely to ever get a chance, unless I try one in the US.
When this cartridge first appeared I had three friends that went absolutely nuts about it. For some reason I just said ho-hum to myself as I was amusing myself with 357 and 44 mag and had little interest in semi-auto handguns at the time. After a few months they quit talking about it. I picked up a fired case at the range a few days ago, the first I had seen in ages. Of course I see little brass at my range as the scroungers get there either very early or late in the afternoon. At least the they keep the firing lines pretty clean.

It it still popular, barely on life support, or somewhere in between?
It's still popular with me. It's my carry round when I'm out in the field since I'm more likely to have to deal with large four legged critters. I wanted something with more muscle than 9MM.
I might not like it as much if I didn't reload though. Factory ammo selection is definitely lacking.
I really got to buy some and actually use that barrel I posted. Got it with a .40 and have never actually shot it in .357 sig.

I’d assume .40 mags (HK P2000) are reasonably reliable for it.
Sig 229C w/ 40 bbl 357Sig bbl & Barsto 9mm conversion bbl, Sig 29 w/ 40 & 357Sig bbls, Sig 224 w/ 357 Sig & 40 bbls, Glock 32 w/ 357Sig bbl 40 bbl & 9mm conversion bbl, Glock 33 same as Glock 32 set up .
It it still popular, barely on life support, or somewhere in between?

Its a round thats really only preferred by us serious handgun affinados, in the know.
Those of us who do use them, tend to reload as well so no brass left to pickup.
The casual gun owner has never heard of it. The more knowledgeable ones are still likely to be hesitant towards it.

It sorta is like .41 mag really
My EDC round!

OP I'm envious of the Nightmare - they didn't have them in .357 when I got mine in .45acp.

Daily is a P239 carried on the left cross-draw with a cross-draw mag holder on the right side.

Still keeping my P320 on the bench until ... not sure.

Also have for occasional carry a P229 Legion.


I only have one gun in 357 Sig and it's a Sig 229. It was a police trade in gun that came with 40/357 barrels. I added a nice Barsto drop in 9mm barrel as well for a true three caliber gun. All three rounds feed reliably out of the same mags. Have a few thousand rounds in the gun across all three calibers and it just works. Plus it's my most accurate handgun.

I have a P229 and it’s a little too fat for my hands. I really wanted to like it because it’s the Secret Service gun. I have a Glock 33 but haven’t carried it in a while. I also have a couple of somewhat rare ones I picked up used, a S&W M&P and a H&K USP compact.
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