Missouri bullet .44 240gr Keith at 250gr velocities?

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Dec 7, 2005
I've been shooting Missouri bullets 240gr, 18 brinell hardness, Keith bullet with 6.5gr of W231. While this makes a great target plinking load, it leaves me wondering if I can push it faster with a powder such at H110, or 2400.

My reloading manual has data for lead 240gr semi wad-cutters, but all the charges are small, low velocity loads like my plinker load. However, I have noticed that there are plenty of 250gr lead "keith" loads out there using H110 and 2400.

Has anyone developed a more powerful load for the 240gr lead loads?
I use the 250/240 grain load data interchangeably, for lead bullets. I've run the 240 grain MBC bullets to 1450 fps with no issues. An H-110 load was doing a little over 1500 fps (7.5" barrel).

My favorite load using 2400 with that bullet is 20.6 grains (right at Alliant's max). Shoots a cloverleaf at 25 yards out of my Super Blackhawk Hunter. A good mid-range load is 11 grains of Power Pistol.
If you are talking .44 Magnum or .44 Special?

Lyman #49 has data listed for 12 powders with the Lyman #429421 245 grain Keith SWC.
(It is actually 250 or thereabouts when the grease grooves are filled with bullet lube)

Starting loads from 812 FPS, up to barn burners at 1,300+.

I recommend 2400 as it is more forgiving then H-110/WW296 if you want to back off some.
It also runs best with standard primers, not Magnum primers.

If you are referring too .44 Special?
All bets are off, and you will have to hunt down load data as the SAAMI pressure limit is artificially low for that caliber.

Still, you can't go too far wrong with the old Skeeter Skelton load.
7.5 grains Unique + the Keith bullet.

While it is over SAAMI pressure, it will give you 900 - 1,000 FPS depending on your barrel length, and is safe in any modern Ruger, Colt, or S&W.
I shoot the heck out of it in my S&W 1950 Target.

I'm referring to .44 magnum.

I wasn't aware that you could swap 240gr and 250gr loads. I know it's only 10gr, but when it comes to reloading, I'm cautious so I don't blow myself up! :D

I don't have the Lyman manual either. I guess I should pick that up the next time I'm at the store.
Some favorite loads consist of the 250gr Keith bullet over 10.0gr Unique or 19.0gr - 22.0gr 2400. Leading is not an issue at those velocities.
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